How To Wear A Sequined Blazer

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Olivia Palermo in a sequined blazer
Olivia Palermo in a sequined blazer
Sequins are popular among the ladies from all over the world. There are still some individuals though who consider this sort of embellishment to be way too outrageous and vulgar. This is such a shame, taking into the account how many awesome and stylish outfits one can come up with using sequins. The point here is in applying the rightest amount of them – if you fail to do so, you are most likely to look like a Christmas Tree lady. Yet those who do not try simply do not get a taste of it: which means it would be one of the hardest crimes in the fashion world to abstain from wearing sequins just because someone considers them to be too vibrant or catchy. Below you will find 15 strikingly gorgeous blazers proving this embellishment to be cool and hot.

15 Adorable Blazers Embellished With Sequins

If you are still afraid of the image that a sequined piece can create, then the best way would be to go for a casual look. You can easily follow in Olivia Palermo’s steps and rock a pair of bleached jeans with a lovely silk shirt in cream. Along with saucy burgundy and gold pumps and a chain handbag in blue, a silver sequined cardigan will look very appropriate and elegant. This is a great ensemble to sport to some fun party or just on a hang-out with your friends. As might be clear, there is no need for any excessive accessories, as the look itself is quite sufficient.

If you, on the contrary, are willing to create a very vibrant and catchy look, then feel free to go for the most sequined pieces one can ever find. This luxurious velvet jacket in black features a crop fit, long sleeves and an astonishing embellishment. In addition to the great item, the lady rocks a pair of absolutely magnificent pants in disco denim – designed with a myriad of glistening dots. White wedge sneakers and a silver headpiece finished this authentic outfit.

There is also a way to come up with an office look – and you will be surprised at how sophisticated it looks. All you will need to get for such an ensemble is a pair of black skinny pants, a classic white collared shirt and a super exquisite sequined blazer in gold. Since the rest of the outfit is very moderate, this cardigan does not stand out from the overall composition that much – making the look very solid and harmonious. To complete the stylish look the fashionista sported beige suede ankle booties and a cool black handbag.

You can easily create a very vibrant and unique ensemble, if you complement a navy blue mohair sequined cardigan with an oxblood red skater mini skirt. This composition is so engaging and alluring that it becomes incredibly hard to not fall for it. A plain white shirt (as if in the most of the cases) finishes this striking and very bright outfit.

Elegant look featuring a gray sequined cardigan
Elegant look featuring a gray sequined cardigan
In case you were thinking of a more elegant and luxurious look, here is what you are most likely to drool over. This stylish and stunning crop blazer in ash gray is combined with a white and black high waist mini skirt and a matching crop top. A pair of black tights along with beautiful jewelry pieces, delicate belt and a trendy clutch make this ensemble even more appealing and irresistible.

Layering also goes well with sequins. Mixture of styles and textures always creates astonishing compositions and this one is not an exception for sure. A pair of bleached skinny jeans is combined with a midi white shirt and a bronze sequined blazer, while the chunky fringed scarf adds up more volume and wave to the look. Black ankle booties along with a pair of hot glasses complete this hot ensemble.

Fans of military and sporty hues, here is an outfit that you will fall in love with. This pair of khaki military styled pants looks gorgeous against the black background of the look. A plain cotton shirt is complemented by a glowing sequined blazer which brings in a party zest to this somewhat casual and very moderate ensemble. Besides, a pair of lace-up military boots as well as studded belt and moderate jewels make it even harder to not fall for the composition.

Above were some of the most stylish and worthy ensembles featuring a sequined blazer. Those of you who hesitated before must be already in love with this saucy article of clothing. However, if you still have any doubts, scroll down to check out some more of the adorable outfits.

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