How To Wear Bright Accents: Summer 2014 Trend

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hAnnabelle Fleur
Annabelle Fleur

If you are not sure how to prepare your summer wardrobe, here is one of the ways to brighten it up. Literally. As May is approaching more closely, you won’t even notice the arrival of June. Which means we have to really hurry up and get ourselves busy with searching up the best malls for the most delicious pieces of clothing. If you don’t want to lose your way or get completely obsessed with the shopping process, read on and you will see what exactly you need to be looking for. As summer is always colorful and  sparkling, so should you be. Which is why the first thing you ought to encrich your closet with is a super yummy and bright article of clothing. Once you get it, it will be incredibly easy to create various outfits for the hottest season. Below are four cool examples for you to get inspired.

Brighten Up Your Summer Closet: Four Awesome Looks

Here comes my favorite combination: sky blue and lemon yellow. And of course this combo can be followed by crystal white only. The most important rule of color accents is to stay on the moderate sense. Yes, you can definitely go for any neon shade that you like, but remember that the rest of your outfit has to be of less bright colors. Annabelle Fleur can easily serve as a model for you, as she donned a lovely lace frock with a baggy silhoeutte and 3/4 sleeves. The yellow embellishmnets on the bodice perfectly contrast with the delicate turquoise handbag and mint sunglasses. As you can notice, the beauty opted for neutral sandals in tan.

Blair Eadie
Blair Eadie

Blair Eadie offered another saucy look which totally deserves to be admired. The blonde stunner opted for shades of red and presented a superior sense of style. Which you can also demonstrate, if you follow the tips below. You can create a very elegant look with a bright skirt and a more dim top. In this case, it is a midi pencil skirt in red, coral, blue, white, green and sand stripes and a plain black sweatshirt. As red is the main accent of the look, Blair complemented her fabulous ensemble with a wine red chain handbag and a pair of outstanding lust pumps. Deep burgundy lipstick and nail polish are combined with gold accesories – all together they add up to the stylish outfit of the blogger.

Dasha Gold

A completely different story can be told with the help of a skirt. If you prefer lightsome outfits and cretaive silhouettes, then you should go for this variation. A flare midi skirt in delicate cream is combined with a black leather crop top which shows off the slim waistline of Dasha Gold. The Australian blogger always shares awesome ensembles, so why not to use one of them as a sample? The most engaging part of the look is the multicolored bomber combined with a pair of lovely yellow ankle straps. Together they create an incredible combination, impossible to resist.

hNegin Mirsalehi
Negin Mirsalehi

Negin Mirsalehi also went for a skirt, but her look is totally different from those we have seen so far. This is an excellent outfit to go out, eitehr clubbing or just for a calm dinner at a fancy restaraunt. A saucy yellow tulip skirt with high waist is paired with a black mesh shirt which shows off the pale pink bra and the top part of the skirt. The outfit is combined with a pair of delicious scarpins in neon silver and a yellow rectangular clutch.

As you have seen, the brightly-accented outfits are very popular now and are going to be even more popuar as summer gets closer. Hence, you ought to have a yummy piece in your closet – otherwise, how can you possibly stay on trend?

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