How to Wear Capes in Summer: Inspired By Street Fashion

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White outfit styled with an aquamarine cape
White outfit styled with an aquamarine cape
If you are looking for a supplementary piece of clothing to complement your looks on a windy summer day, then this post will be of a great use to you. You will be surely overwhelmed by a wide range of outfits presented below with each featuring a stylish and beautiful cape. Although the latter is considered to be a rather fall/winter element, one should not underestimate its role of a summer outer piece. What, if not a light and cozy cape in an engaging texture and appealing shade, can add an elegant and alluring touch to your ensemble as well as keep you warm and comfortable? Anything from a yacht ride to a walk along the seashore can become a perfect reason to rock such a piece, especially when there are so many options available today. If you feel like exploring this beautiful item more as well as learn some saucy ways to sport it, scroll down and choose the one of your dream.

Most Gorgeous Capes To Rock This Summer

If you happen to be a fan of engaging contrasts, then you are very much likely to fall in love with this outfit. First of all, there is no way that one will stay indifferent toward an ensemble in white. And when it is summer that we are talking about, the chances of such an outcome become even lower. Moreover, if it is styled in such a magnificent way, no lady ever will hesitate even for a single second before taking it into consideration. A textured mini skirt in cream is paired with a loose white shirt featuring a collared fit and three quarter sleeves. White chunky heeled ankle straps as well as trendy glasses in brown and beige and outstanding earrings complement the composition in a gorgeous way. However, it is the marvelous cape in aquamarine with gold buttons that contributes to the look the most, bringing in a vibrant zest.

Those of you who, on the contrary, prefer bright shades and bold combinations – here is a striking outfit that will definitely speak to you a lot. There is so much of the outstanding vibe in this look that I can hardly imagine anyone who would not notice it. So if you adore staying in the spotlight and attracting tons of attention feel free to use this ensemble as a source of inspiration. A high waist pencil skirt in glossy emerald is combined with a red shirt featuring Nike logo in neon graffiti letters. The combo is complemented by a pair of ankle booties in black leather (which can be replaced by a more summer-friendly footwear piece), a trendy clutch with a hands-print and a splendid cape in a multi-colored abstract pattern. The excessive fringed hemline of the latter is designed in neon pink and surely adds up to the overall image.

All time favorite black
All time favorite black
Now it is quite the time to throw in a little bit of elegant black and stun you with yet another awesome ensemble. Also, this composition will be very much praised by those ladies who are in love with casual and sporty looks, so here is another reason to check it out in a more thorough way. This striking black mesh dress featuring a tight neckline and flare skirt perfectly goes with the sophisticated and very exquisite cape in black suede. A pair of stylish sporty shoes in black, white, orange and yellow is not something that one would expect to be here; nonetheless, this footwear design seems to fit into the overall look in a gorgeous way. All you need to do is just to add a stylish clutch in a vibrant print and some bright jewelry pieces.

Have you ever thought of rocking a cape as a dress? If not, then you will be totally amazed by this adorable look. If you are not afraid of extraordinary designs, this is something that you ought to add to your summer collection for sure. I can guarantee that you will be one in a million, if you decide to wear such an ensemble – and I can assume that in the era of cliché outfits and fake designs, this is quite an advantage. This superb piece is a combination of a cape and a frock that features an extremely short cut, asymmetric hem and an oversized turtleneck collar. This outstanding article of clothing in candy pink is styled with a pair of luxurious high heel sandals in a matching shade, a saucy clutch in violet and trendy sunglasses in a dark pattern.

Browse through the gallery below, to see more of the alluring and exquisite looks featuring a summer cape and choose the one to style your own outfits.

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