How To Wear Trendy Leather Harness

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Leather harness has recently emerged as a hot new accessory and still stays popular with the designers on the runway. It also couldn’t escape the fashion bloggers and other members of the fashion crowd. And of course it found its way into some celebrity outfits. But how do you wear it in real life?

Lanvin Fall 2015

Lanvin Fall 2015

There is nothing casual about leather harness and usual it looks better with dressier clothes, but if you do it right you can pull it off with the casual garb.

First key to doing it right is to follow the rule of majority. If the majority of your clothes is T-shirts and jeans, it’s better to choose a harness that is simple in design and doesn’t look too alien on a plain tee. This is the main problem with wearing a harness with casual clothes, it may look too intricate for it all.

Another key to pulling it off is to hiding it and showing off just a part of it on the chest or on the back, depending on your top’s design. It  can add a special touch to any outfit.

Wear it with nicer clothes. If you have to, wear your leather harness on a blouse rather than a button shirt. It will contrast nicely with gentler fabric and design since in most cases it looks brutal and rough.

Trendy Leather Harness Outfits

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