How To Wear Turtleneck With Style

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It’s quiet easy to look more than dull in a turtleneck in spite of it being practical and versatile. But it’s all a matter of how you wear it. Wear it right and you’ll be street style picture-worthy. With the advent of cold weather a turtleneck is a perfect solution to warm but stylish look without additional layers that bury your individuality.

Wearing Turtleneck With Style

White turtleleneck and pencil skirt

But before we talk about putting a turtleneck outfit together let’s talk turtleneck design. Sure a basic black or grey turtleneck makes a great layer piece as it’s not too thick to wear under a leather jacket but an oversize turtleneck sweater will give you volume to contrast and play with. A chunky sweater looks great with skinny jeans and pants, pencil skirts and it looks equally great with a summer skirt made of lace or tulle. Contrasts of volume and size, textures and colors give amazing results.

A turtleneck dress is a nice fresh alternative to a sweater or a regular slinky turtleneck. It can be oversize or body-concious. It’s up to you to choose the style but it’s too quiet versatile and warm. Also if you’re tired of plain turtlenecks opt for cropped style, sheer panels, and turtlenecks with leather details. These will make it a stand-out piece that will look interesting on its own without needing too much styling.

Now ditch a belt and a necklace from your turtleneck outfit because these combinations aren’t trendy or stylish anymore. If you’re against an oversize sweater try pairing your turtleneck with something interesting like jogger pants or a leather skirt, go with white pants instead of regular jeans and you’ll see the true fashion potential of a turtleneck.

And finally, be daring and try to experiment. Turtlenecks have been around for years and there are certain combinations that may seem familiar but it’s best to try and get out of your comfort zone with this piece of clothing in order to look stylish and unique.

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