Keep It Flat: Most Comfortable Footwear For Spring 2015

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Awesome Chanel flat shoes
Awesome Chanel flat shoes
While most of the time fashion reviews provide with adorable and extensive tops of the most stunning high heels, this post is to offer something different. And I am pretty sure that many of you will find the information below quite useful. It is by all means a beautiful view when a lady has a pair of magnificent and sky-scraping pumps embracing her feet. Any look is guaranteed to be hot and alluring – that’s for sure. However, it is not necessarily comfortable to walk in such shoes. And although we, the women, tend to sacrifice certain things in the name of beauty, sometimes it is just not reasonable to do so. Therefore I suggest that you take a look at the most cozy and lovely flat shoes to rock this spring!

8 Stunning Pairs of Flat Shoes

If you are in love with unique designs and creative fits, then this is exactly what you need. This pair of adorable shoes is designed by Chanel – which actually makes it clear why they are so awesome. The gold and black colors are combined in a perfect way and together create a very exquisite image. The ankle strap, low heel and lace-up design make this up match any of the outfits in your wardrobe, so there is no need to worry about what clothing pieces to complement this pair with.

Those of you who like suede and catchy shades will definitely fall in love with this adorable footwear piece. The deep burgundy makes the double textured shoes even more engaging and desirable. Whenever it is a combination of leather and suede that we are talking about, I can guarantee that your outfit will look super stylish and hot. This will be the case with these adorable flat shoes with a bow embellishment on the top.

In case you are looking for something more open, here is an excellent choice for you. This stunning flats in navy blue look astonishing and very appealing. It is all due to the cool design of the footwear item: the low heel is embellished with a gold plate, whereas the open back heel is combined with a twisted ankle strap. This pair is a perfect complement for both light chiffon dresses and funky boyfriend jeans.

Classic black and studs
Classic black and studs
Fans of classic black, cheer up. Here is a pair of shoes that you are likely to fall for – at least this is what happened to me. The moment I spotted these exquisite and extremely sophisticated flats, I forgot everything my money was busy with before. The fine leather glows and shines, whereas the gold and silver studs along the low heel add up to the overall impression. Meantime the studs do not overload the look or make it way too glamorous; quite the contrary, they fit into the composition very well and so do the cute bows on tops.

If you like reptile prints and ecru shades, then you should probably check out these cool flats in bluish ivory. Such a pair will complement anything from a beautiful dress to a elegant pant suit with right accessories. So all in one, these flats are very multi-functional, which means you won’t have to think about the matching outfits that much.

Lust red is what we have no right to exclude from out list. This is a color that seems to stay in vogue forever – as seasons pass by, but there is still so much attention dedicated to various shades of red. These lovely ankle straps look like a dream of any lady, as they are capable of turning even the most boring and usual look into a festive ensemble.

Here is a footwear piece for funky and bold people. If you don’t find all these florals and rhinestones to be something worth any attention, then you must fall for these cool shoes. The black leather surface is combined with metal studs in bronze. Other than that you are not likely to see any extra embellishment, which is partly why so many people will love such a pair of flats.

Last but not least comes the most engaging pair of all the presented ones today. This is one of the brightest and most appealing flat designs I have ever seen. One could easily call it rainbow flats, as it features all rainbow (and maybe even more). Besides, these flats are super stylish and trendy, so you will definitely stay in spotlight.

These were the coolest and most adorable flat shoes to rock this spring!

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