Meet Pantone Color Of The Year: Marsala

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Elegant pant suit in marsala
Elegant pant suit in marsala
Every year Pantone declares a certain color of the year – the shade that will guide the designers and other related specialists around the world during the following year. The process normally takes several days and the result is published in Pantone View. The coming year of 2015 will be marked with the overwhelming presence of extremely elegant and fascinating marsala. Once you spot a piece in this shade, regardless of its shape and content, you will find it hard to resist the temptation. I am totally in love with the breathtaking color and already made a list of items I would like to purchase. By the way, it will be very symbolic if you celebrate the coming year in an outfit that would feature marsala.

Red-Brown Inspiration: Marsala As The 2015 Color

Different shades of red have been on agenda for quite a while. And seems like this tendency will continue in the coming season. The striking combination of red and brown shades in this adorable and breathtaking color makes my mind forget everything else and focus on one single word: marsala. This is golden median: the color is both moderate and vibrant; so one won’t have to go for compromises anymore. Just get yourself an outfit in this beautiful and saucy shade – and things will become much more engaging and bright.

I fell in love with this lovely and incredibly sophisticated pant suit. While it is perfect for an office wear, the ensemble can be also rocked on a less formal occasion. One will just need to add the appropriate accessories to make this look more complete and solid. I would definitely go for black styling, as this combination will stand out and look super exquisite and luxurious. Also, it makes sense to add several touches in gold. It is not recommended to opt for red styling elements or any other ones in bright shades. You already have your catchy hue and there is no need in making your outfit so heavy.

In case you would like to wear something less outstanding and noticeable, then you should go for an accessory in marsala. Good thing that today we are presented with a wide range of options to choose between. If you decide upon a handbag, your choice will obviously be the most extensive and rich one. For instance, this superb and stylish tote in the red-brown shade looks very trendy and cool. The rectangular shape along with fine leather, gold studs and abstract print make the piece one of the most desirable and appealing items.

Here is another bag that will speak to you a lot. From the first sight it might seem to be regular clutch in a brown shade; however, once you take a closer look, you will see the deepness of the color as well as the sophisticated zest. The item indeed has more of the brown than red in it; yet, the clutch will change its shade, once you wear it out in the sun.

This lovely pair of jeans in marsala is an absolute must-have of the coming year. First of all, when we are talking about denim, there is no reason to hesitate and make long decisions. You can be sure that any pair of jeans that you purchase will serve a long mission and will match the rest of your closet in an excellent way. This is exactly the case with these cool denims. Skinny fit and adorable color make it extremely impossible to not fall for the saucy pair.

There are bunch of the other choices in marsala that one can go for. A beautiful A-fit skirt in lace embroidery and fringed trim features black background and a very alluring zest. A lovely shirt with three-quarter sleeves will make a great complement to any of your formal outfits or purely party ensembles. Saucy and trendy pumps with crystals will become a perfect match for spring and summer looks.

As you can see there is a lot to choose from, so take your time to browse through all the offered options. Just keep in mind that it is never cool to overdo with the looks; hence, it is quite reasonable to try on different images and styles before you come up with the final one.

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