Most Stylish & Hot Baggy Coats Of Spring 2015

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Stylish baggy coat in khaki
Stylish baggy coat in khaki
If you have not chosen a coat for yourself yet, this is quite the time to do so. Even though you might think that the weather is too good to wear this outerwear piece now, you never know when you may need this item. Hence, it is better to back up yourself and get the right piece beforehand. One way to do so is to take a look at the hottest coats for this spring and then make up your mind on the design and color you would like to go for. Below are 10 loveliest and sauciest baggy coats of this season to give you a better idea. Read on and enjoy the perfect lines and compositions.

10 Awesome Coats Featuring Baggy Silhouette

If you would like to keep it as moderate as possible, then this is the best option to go for. This stylish coat in khaki features a very simple yet engaging design and will by all means speak to many of you. First of all, the color makes it an excellent complementary piece for absolutely any clothing piece that you have in your wardrobe. Also, the over-the-knee length will allow one to wear it both with pants and skirts or dresses, which is quite an advantage. Just add some bright hues such as accessories and jewelry pieces, and you will get an astonishing ensemble.

Those of you who are into animal prints and brown color will fall in love with this coat for sure. This cool outerwear piece will fit into any outfit possible – due to its classic design and appealing color palette. It might make one think of safari or else of a poisonous reptile – in any case, the associations you are likely to have will be full of colorful images. The petite collar as well as absence of pockets make it a great piece to combine with even evening dresses – just make sure that the patterns of the two articles are not overlapping though.

White will always be on trend, no matter what. The numerous collections released by designers are another proof to it: there is hardly any runway show where you will not see pieces in white. Hence, it is more than reasonable to go for a piece in such a shade – this way you will be able to rock your coat for several seasons for sure. And here is a great example to adore: this oversized coat features long sleeves, collarless fit, midi length and orange buttons. All in one, this is one of the best options to wear this spring.

Adorable baggy coat in blue and white
Adorable baggy coat in blue and white
Marine color palette is also something you can choose during the warm season. With such a piece in your collection, you are not likely to struggle with the everyday choice of what to wear. It is all about the articles of clothing that you will combine this coat with. And here one has a wide range of options to go: from a pair of flare pants and sporty footwear to something more classy and elegant. Add some catchy accessories and bright make-up, and you are guaranteed with a gorgeous and bright outfit.

If you are a fan of blue and would like to have something more moderate, then you ought to go for this striking coat. The knee-low length along with the delicate collar in white and symmetric pockets make this piece a very regular one. However, it is the delicious blue shade that adds such an outstanding hue to the look. This outerwear piece will match anything from a pair of skinny jeans and printed sweatshirt to a light chiffon dress and a pair of pumps. A set of right accessories will complement the ensemble in a great way, so do pay a fair amount of attention to the styling part.

In case you would like to see some more examples of how a baggy coat can be rocked, check out the gallery below and get some more inspiration. I have no doubt that all of the featured items will speak to you a lot, as every each of them is designed in a fabulous way. Just keep in mind that regardless of how saucy a piece is, first of all it has to fit into your own style and correspond with your fashion tastes; otherwise, its very essence will be completely lost.

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