New Florals: 14 Breathtaking Looks

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Thom Browne
Thom Browne
Floral print became a trend a long time ago. You will hardly surprise anyone with this pattern today. Yet, we still tend to fall for outfits featuring this trend, as the ensembles are normally very beautiful and engaging. This is exactly why designers keep using this embellishment in their collections: most often it is the spring and summer looks that are designed with it. This season the fashion houses offer quite an appealing variation of florals which will speak to you a lot. Scroll down and enjoy the most breathtaking floral-printed outfits that were featured on Spring 2015 runways.

14 Stunning Outfits Featuring Floral Print

Thom Browne presented a mind-blowing collection this time. Every single outfit that was showcased is worth dying for. This particular look is full of alluring touch and strong vibe. I am pretty sure that many of you will find this ensemble alluring and fascinating, as there are not so many looks designed in such a way. A somewhat classy pant suit is blemished with large and vibrant flowers which perfectly match the bouquet in the model’s hands.

Viktor & Rolf also released a striking outfit. There is no way one can resist the power of this magnificent dress that represents an excellent spring look. The strapless frock features a very complicated design, which along with the embroidered fabric and engaging color makes this piece rock. The flying silhouette as well as the midi cut add up to the overall impression and make this piece even more desirable.

Lanvin went for oriental motifs and designed a beautiful and incredibly unique dress. The dim yellow shade is well complemented with the black background, while the delicate fabric adds a very alluring zest. I am absolutely in love with the sleeveless fit and maxi cut as well as the way this frock is styled. You will spot a number of necklaces in different design that go together in a perfect way. A pair of black sandals adorned with gold and a very cute gold handbag finish this awesome ensemble.

If you are looking for something more delicate and romantic, then this is the look you ought to go for. Giambattista Valli offers a beautiful ensemble that will help any lady look elegant and exquisite. It is impossible to reach any other effect with such a sophisticated and gorgeous outfit. A pair of oversized flare pants in a lovely pattern is combined with a matching shirt in white, pink and black. In fact, this pattern also has some oriental touches and makes one think of Japanese sakura.

Celine went for complex design and even more complex printing. It is hard to tell which of the two elements looks more marvelous: the layering along with asymmetrical fits or the floral pattern and stunning combination of colors. Either way, this outfit is worth being rocked as it will make you stay in the limelight for as long as you would like to. Besides, despite the rich range of shades it will be quite easy to complement it with the right accessories.

Max Mara presented another cool outfit that will blow your mind away the moment you spot it. It can’t be any different when it is an astonishing and extremely saucy look that we are talking about. To start, it is rather hard to indicate the style and components of this ensemble: it may look like a jumpsuit, however it is not. A plain long-sleeved dress in a midi length  is paired with equivalent pants and a magnificent wide-brimmed hat. I bet that you have not spotted such an outfit many times before – neither have I, so it makes sense to try something like this on. Such a look will provide you with sunny mood the moment you put it on, so go ahead if this is what you are currently searching for now.

Here is another complicated outfit and engaging printing. You will definitely love this beautiful suit which consists of two basic elements: a shirt and a skirt. Then one would wonder why it was referred to as a complicated outfit a minute ago. It is all due to the design of these two pieces that the overall impression differs so much. The off-shoulder baggy shirt is combined with a mid-ankle flare skirt. Both pieces are styled in a very engaging color combination: navy, white, red and burgundy.

These were some of the most adorable floral printed outfits that are worth being checked out. I can guarantee that you will be the queen of any show that you attend, if you rock outfits similar to what presented today. In case you need some more inspiration, browse through the gallery below.

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