Snood Scarf: Inspired by Street Fashion

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Snood scarf in delicate violet
Snood scarf in delicate violet
Happy New Year to all fashionistas around the world! I hope you all had a beautiful celebration with your dearest families and friends as well as rested enough to start your new adventure. This year is promising to be quite fruitful and rich for various events and occasions, so one has to prepare well enough for the upcoming year. To do so, you ought to get a new portion of inspiration, since everything you have received before is somehow left in the past year. Below are the awesome looks that feature an adorable accessory. A snood scarf would be a worthy alternative to any scarf you have rocked before, as winter is still at the lead and one has to warm up. Scroll down to see the lovely ways to sport this cute piece.

7 Sweet Looks Featuring A Snood Scarf

Here comes the most unique and unexpected way to rock a snood scarf. Have you ever thought of wearing a fur one? If not, you will obviously start considering such an option once you take a glance at the image above. This gorgeous piece is so stylish and exquisite that it becomes very hard to resist it. You won’t even have to worry about the rest of your outfit, in case you choose to sport such a snood: any clothing piece or accessory will look striking along with this puffy and cozy scarf.

If you prefer more conventional items, then you will by all means like the scarf in delicate violet. The snood matches the cute cap – such a combination will offset any look possible. The best option here would be to go for a coat in dark shades – to create a better color contrast. However, one can opt for an ensemble in pastels as well – in this case you will create a very delicious and romantic look. You can also combine the violet snood with other caps and play with different variations.

Black and white represent a classic combo which seems to stay on trend forever. This ensemble appears to look gorgeous no matter what it is that you combine. As long as you have the combination of two primary shades, there is no need to worry about other elements of the look. This saucy chunky piece is designed in a very appealing pattern which makes the snood even more engaging and cool.

Multicolored patterned snood
Multicolored patterned snood
In case you would like to add more colors to you winter look, here is a great chance to do so. This saucy scarf in slate gray is embellished by an engaging print in orange, pink, blue and black. This is quite an unusual color combination, so it does make sense to go for a such a piece. Besides, you can easily combine it with any of your outerwear pieces – due to the extensive color palette. It will also be very easy to find a complementary cap and gloves, as practically any piece will fit in in a perfect way.

You can also try on a knit piece. Especially, when it is so on trend now. If you like chunky fits and moderate shades, then this adorable knit snood in cappuccino brown will do just good. The best thing is that you can wear it the way you want – either as a regular oversized piece or a snood one. It all depends on how you wrap the item around your neck and use the impressive length of the snood.

Plain black is also a very appealing and promising option. In this case one won’t have to think about whether it fits the rest of the outfit or not. Anything from your closet will match such a snood and I am pretty sure, that it will go the same otherwise. With such a plain accessory there is no way that one can struggle with the wardrobe choice.

Another outfit in a very modest shade will speak to many of you. The wool snood scarf in dark beige looks strikingly cool, especially when combined with the rest of the outfit. I am totally in love with a somewhat messy design of the item as well as its cozy texture. I am very positive, it is a great pleasure to have it wrapped around your neck. Besides, it can help one create saucy and hot looks – it depends on whether you rock this snood with an elegant cashmere coat or a funky biker’s jacket.

Above were the hottest and sauciest snoods that are worth to be checked out. Which one would you go for?

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