Spring 2015 Color Trend: Aquamarine

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Striking chiffon dress in aquamarine
Striking chiffon dress in aquamarine
We are continuing with our color trends for this spring time it is the blue palette that we are going to focus on. I am pretty sure that you will fall in love with this lovely and delicate shade – which is not surprising at all. After all, blue has always looked too fascinating to simply pass by it. When it is one of the most exquisite shades of it, it becomes even harder to resist the power and charm that we are presented with. Scroll down to see the most beautiful and magnificent outfits that are styled in striking aquamarine. I have no doubt that every single look shared below will speak to you in an equal way, as all of them are full of stylish touch and luxurious vibe.

Most Astonishing Aquamarine Looks For Spring

Here comes my favorite outfit so far: this stunning and super light dress will speak to many of as well. It is absolutely impossible to not fall in love with such a precious and delicate design, so there is no even need to describe the beauty of the piece. The very shade of exquisite fabric makes one’e water mouth and hands shiver, so one can imagine what kind of impression the frock will make. Therefore, it is definitely worth trying on this beautiful item. I can’t think of a better way to start the lovely season of spring than this cutest short-sleeved chiffon dress.

In case you would like to add something super creative and unique into your spring closet, then you ought to go for this adorable and fantastic ensemble. A pair of neon leather shorts in purple is combined with a lovely and very cozy shirt in aquamarine. The piece also features some cool styling in custard yellow, which creates a perfect contrast. If you think that this is already quite outstanding and uncommon, there is one more element to stun you. The knee-high weaved sandals in white and brown might remind one of Gladiator sandals, but in a more modern interpretation.

Here is an incredibly exquisite and marvelous dress. The short cut of the piece makes it a perfect match for the warm season, while keeping it long enough to attend some fashionable events. The lovely frock features a tutu skirt in light organza as well as velvet bodice and tulle straps. Cute florals embellish the adorable number.

Sporty outfit in trendy aquamarine
Sporty outfit in trendy aquamarine
Sporty ladies will also find something to drool over. This suit is a great option for those who go in for sports and work out on a regular basis. If you feel like showing off you good fit and positive habits, then you must choose this look. The corp top with see-through sleeves in mesh is paired with a matching high waist skirt. Such an ensemble can be paired either with sneakers and flats to pumps and sandals.

Another breath-taking gown is designed by Elie Saab. I think by now most f the people can identify him from  the res of designers. It is always about floating design and excessive yet proper embellishment. In this case we are talking about a striking sleeveless dress in long cut. The gown is so sparkling that there hardly anyone who would not be impressed.

Pant suits will always be on trend. It is not so much important what kind of a suit it is, or what color and pattern we are talking about. As long as it is a pant suit, there are a hundred films dedicated to dungans.

Fans of polka dot, cheer up! Here is a small tribute to Disney’s Minnie Mouse, except that in her case it is in a different  shade. This funky and edgy maxi skirt is paired with a matching bralet over a white shirt. A pair of aquamarine ankle boots in lacquered leather along with ecru tights and a beautiful handbag completed this striking outfit and made one crave it.

Last but not least come a beautiful dress that will blow your mind the moment you see it. This stunning design is meant to impress and allure – I see no other goal with which designers would release such a piece. The strapless gown in chiffon features midi full skirt and on the most fascinating color palettes very. I am completely taken aback by the magnificent combination of colors that we have a chance to admire here. The main color is obviously aquamarine, but it is also paired with light green and purplish navy.

These were some of the most astonishing and stylish spring outfits in aquamarine. I would add all of them into my own collection and I am pretty confident that so will you!

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