Spring 2015 Color Trend: Strawberry Ice

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Saucy and delicate flare skirt in strawberry ice
Saucy and delicate flare skirt in strawberry ice
While there are a lot of shades that were presented on Spring 2015 runways, there are a couple that stand out from the crowd and thus are worth to be checked out more than the rest. One of such colors is definitely strawberry ice. Just the mere name of the shade brings some of the most delicious and exciting associations alive. I immediately received an image of a sweet and tender strawberry ice-cream with tiny bits and pieces of my favorite berry in it. This, in turn took me right to my favorite season – summer and brought along another hundred of sweet memories. So as you can see it is truly worth trying out this adorable color trend, especially when  there are so many ways to rock it. Scroll down and take a look at the most stylish and outstanding ones.

How To Wear Strawberry Ice: 8 Lovely Looks

This flare skirt in midi length is a perfect solution for warm spring days. This is the time of a year when we tend to love skirt more than elsewhen. The reason is quite obvious – after long and depressing winter days it is almost miracle when you enjoy sun rays and the beautiful images outside. If you share the very same approach, then go for this lovely pink in the yummiest shade and complement it with a plain white shirt, powder pink pumps and a mustard yellow handbag.

This suit is another outfit that will blow your mind away. This can’t be any different when it is such a luxurious and sophisticated ensemble that we are talking about. The high waist mini skirt in see-through mesh is embellished with a white inner skirt which extends to the waistline. The matching top finishes the saucy ensemble and creates a very solid impression.

If you are already ready for summer and would like to skip the three spring months, here is a very cool way to do so. This ensemble is all by means something that can beautify even the gloomiest day in the universe. Flare and light shorts in silk are paired with a matching tank top. The loose silhouette of both pieces goes well and so does a pair of petite and extremely exquisite ankle strap sandals.

Those of you who reside in colder places, here is something that will delight you as well. This elegant and super precious coat in midi cut is an awesome way to rock the hottest color trend of Spring 2015. The design is very simple and the embellishment is as moderate as one could only be. Yet, this outerwear pieces looks incredibly cool and desirable – mostly due to the engaging shade of the item. Feel free to sport it with anything from a pair of jeans and sweatshirt to a formal dress and a pair of pumps.

Tutu skirts will be on trend as long as people will watch ballet. So hopefully, we will have this type of clothing in our stocks for quite a while. This adorable skirt in strawberry pink features a short cut, flare fit and floating silhouette. I am totally in love with the way it is was styled: a striped black and white shirt, white ankle straps and a hot silver clutch.

Cashmere coat in strawberry ice
Cashmere coat in strawberry ice
Here comes another cool coat and I am sure that many of you will be happy with this fact. This time the saucy piece features faux fur in black , long slits on the edges and large pockets. In this particular case, the model rocks a pair of skinny and sexy leggings, a black Nike sweatshirt, matching sneakers and camouflage clutch which in fact adds up a unique and cool zest into our ensemble.

This is one of the most exquisite and elegant outlooks that one has ever seen. The whole composition is designed in pink shades, so there is no nee to explain how beautiful and enchanting the outfit is. Instead, I suggest that you take a look at what would composes such an ensemble to be able to further create one for yourself. A pair of flare oversized pink powder pants is combined with a baggy knit sweater in strawberry ice. White flat sandals and a matching lunch are the only things one would need to complement this look.

Lastly, here is an astonishing solution for office wear! If you have to show up in formal dressing every single working day and you have already tried out all the possible combinations from your closet a hundred times, then you might want to check out this gorgeous piece. The elegant and chic skirt suit in the loveliest color features a high waist A-fit skirt and a crop top with long sleeves. The saucy ensemble is complemented with sandals in beige, white top and a matching laser cut clutch.

Above were some of the coolest outfits for Spring 2015 that are designed in Strawberry pink. Which one spoke to you the most?

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