Spring 2015 Trend: All Time Favorite Denim

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Burberry Prorsum
Burberry Prorsum
Denim has been featured in numerous collections. And it is not just about jeans; you will find this fine material featured in all kinds of apparel and accessories. Sometimes even in the most unexpected ones: such as office wear or jewelry. So it is no longer something extraordinary and outstanding when you spot a denim outfit. However, when it is such high-end designers as Fendi, Burbery Prorsum, Bottega Veneta, Chloe, Michael Kors, Louis Vuitton, Tod’s, Marques Almeida, Anthony Vaccarello and Faustine Steinmeiz, there is no way that even the most common looks would look cliche and regular. Scroll down to see the most saucy and adorable denim masterpieces that are to be rocked in the spring season.

10 Coolest Denim Looks For Spring 2015

Burberry Prorsum released a very fascinating and appealing collection that is full of unique combinations and vibrant hues. This skimming denim jacket in navy with white fringe along the bottom edge is the most unexpected complementary piece for the pencil skirt in yummy yellow. The large sequins of the latter look great against the white inner skirt which matches the design of the jacket as well as the white running shoes. This yet another unusual combination is paired with an awesome handbag in turquoise, pink and orange.

Bottega Veneta designed quite a seductive yet elegant dress in a midi cut. The sleeveless fit of the frock goes well with V-neckline and full skirt. The light and stylish denim is embellished with sequined stripes in black velvet which add a very unique and glowing zest to the look. Such a dress will look the best when combined with flat footwear, as it is demonstrated on the image. One thing that this look lacks though is some necklace or pendant that would add a more sophisticated touch.

Faustine Steinmeiz
Faustine Steinmeiz
Faustine Steinmeiz decided to stick to the most common use of denim fabric and presented a very funky and cool outfit. This look will by all means speak to those of you who adore sporty and casual style. In fact this is a combination of both styled in such a striking way that one would find it very hard to not fall in love with it. The baggy high waist pants in bleached blue feature one of the most unique jeans designs I have ever seen. The fringe and mesh create an impression of spider net which matches the design of the funky jacket.

Anthony Vaccarello opted for an alternative office outfit that will take your breath away the very moment you spot it. The asymmetrical mini skirt in striped denim features petite buttons along the edge and a delicate metal belt. The matching jacket complements the look in an awesome way, while creating a gorgeous contrast with the plain white top. A pair of low-heel gladiator sandals is the only element to finish this cool outfit.

Michael Kors opted for very unique and engaging ensemble as well. One can clearly track here an 80s zest which makes this look more desirable and irresistible. The crop jacket in dark denim is embellished with rust brown panels in fine leather as well as a matching ribbon styling along the top part of the zipper. A pair of high waist capri pants feature a flare silhouette and a delicate belt in brown. This cool outfit is completed by a beautiful handbag and a pair of yet another gladiator sandals. Seems like denim this season should be only rocked with flat footwear.

Last but not least comes a saucy and trendy outfit by Fendi. This time it is about a light blue fabric with a rather rough texture. The hippie jeans with a navy chiffon belt are combined with a matching shirt with long sleeves. The several layers create an impression of a complex look; however, this is juts one piece. Halfway buttoned and collared, this shirt looks super unique and appealing. A cute shoulder bag in a very alluring color along with a pair of white sandals complement this outfit in a gorgeous way.

The best thing about all of the above outfits is that all the clothing pieces in denim can be rocked separately, in combination with the other articles from your closet. Also, depending on what kind of footwear and accessories you style these denim designs with, you can create various looks.

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