Spring 2015 Trend: All Time Favorite Military Style

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Military style has been in the spotlight for a long time. Fashion designers tend to go back to it at different points and always present this trend in a new dimension. This is why we still fall in love with camouflage prints, khaki outfits and lace up booties every time we see them – as if it was for the first time. Spring 2015 is not going to ignore this trend either – the runway provided us with a wide range of saucy examples that feature military hues. Below are the most magnificent and stylish outfits offered by Vetements, Sacai, Rodarte, Ralph Lauren, Marc by Marc Jacobs, Jason Wup and Greg Lauren.

7 Coolest Military Styled Looks For Spring 2015

Rodarte presented a very saucy and engaging look. You will spot a mixture of styles here, as it is hard to say in exactly which direction the designer was heading when was working on the collection. This rather casual and a somewhat funky parka in dark khaki features one of the most unique designs ever. The two rows of asymmetrical pockets are embellished with brown strips as well as some mesh in blue and white. The latter also covers the sleeves of the jacket, along with the striped adornment in white and black. A pair of lace up embroidered mid-ankle sandals in brown adds a very exquisite and unusual touch to this look.

Ralph Lauren opted for bright hues and complemented this pair of straight mid waist pants in khaki with a matching tank top and a vibrant yellow shirt over it. The pants feature a somewhat sporty style, as they are adorned with a pair of large pockets on the sides and zippered bottom. However both the light top and the brown and bronze twisted sandals make this outfit anything but a sporty ensemble. So if you are up to unexpected combinations and contrasts, then this is the rightest ensemble for you.

Marc by Marc Jacobs offered a rather masculine outfit. In case you are tired of romantic silhouettes and sweet looks, then this is exactly what you need. Why not to add an edgy and sharp touch to your closet? I can guarantee that in such an outfit you will stand out from the crowd and attract even more attention. This cool buttonless coat features a loose fit and a hooded design. The sand brown shade makes it very easy to be combined with, as this is one of the most neutral colors. Large kangaroo pocket in the middle of the piece gives a somewhat hipster zest to the look, while bright yellow baggy pants and a pair of white sneakers finish the look in an awesome way.

If you would like to go for something more elegant and luxurious, then you should consider this adorable ensemble by Jason Wu. The beautiful skirt suit looks incredibly stylish and hot. First of all, it is about the lovely print. Camouflage has never looked so appealing and sophisticated as it does in this particular composition. Also, the low neckline of the blazer as well as the impressive slit of the skirt add a super alluring touch to the outfit.

Greg Lauren designed a purely casual outfit. This total khaki look will definitely speak to many of you, as it can be rocked on different occasions. Be it a stroll along the city or a shopping walk, such an ensemble will keep you stylish and comfortable. Skinny pants are paired with a T-shirt in a darker shade of khaki and a buttoned vest over it. A matching blazer along with the layered scarf and suede booties complement this look in a cool way.

Vetements decided not to bother with the interpretations that much and created a very funky and edgy outfit. It features a total camouflage print which is combined with the glossy surface and elegant style of the lacquered masculine shoes in black. In fact, the whole outfit reminds you more of a male soldier ready to step in his duty, rather than a romantic and fragile lady. Yet as the concept of gender has changed throughout the time, such a division is no longer relevant in the fashion world either. Besides, there is a playful touch in this combo as well: the one-sleeve silhouette of the shirt reveals the precious and delicate skin of the model, implying for the natural sensuality of a woman.

Lastly, Sacai designed a dress that can easily compete with other go-out frocks. Although military style is rarely associated with elegant and feminine silhouettes, this piece will totally break this stereotype. This adorable number in khaki features deep indigo lacing along the neckline, collar, sleeves and the bottom trim. The very combination looks so unique and engaging, that one can hardly resist the power of this dress. The four pockets are located in two symmetrical rows, which go along with the petite black buttons. A pair of lace-up wedge sandals finish this outfit in an excellent way.

What do you think about this season’s military styled looks?

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