Top Trendiest Phone Cases: Dolce & Gabbana and Marc Jacobs

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Alexander McQueen
Alexander McQueen

If you think that fashion brands are busy with designing clothing pieces only, you are undervaluing their capacity. The world has a record of quite a number of designers who also create handbags, footwear, jewelry and other cool accessories. Among them there is one that has gained a lot of popularity over the past half a decade. It should not be a surprize that the contemporary concept of basic human needs has undergone significant changes. Now it is not enough to have access to food, water and fresh air. You also crave a good portion of socializing – communicate with other human beings. And, of course, the most prominent device to fulfill this need is a cellular phone. You can barely meet a person who does not possess this fancy gadget. Even African tribes in the  remote areas share a cell-phone. Although you do not face with those obstacles that the African villagers might come across, you still need to protect your lovely device. However, mere protection is not enough – we, ladies,  also need some aesthetic satisfaction. And this is exactly why the most famous fashion designers create phone cases in absolutely awesome designs.

Most Terrific Cell-Phone Cases


Alexander McQueen focuses on tactile feelings rather than on visaul perception. The famous designer created a wide range of adorable cases that feature high-quality material and minimum of embellishment. One can only imagine how pleasant it is to hold such a case. This is the best choice for those ladies, who prefer elegant and moderate style and yet want to be on trend. You can spot the signature skull plate decorating the saucy piece. Or else, the brand’s logo which makes it impossible to confuse the intricate craftsmanship.



Dsquared2 suggests to forget about modest designs and creates a line of fabulous and fun phone cases. These items will totally fit those of you who love to be in the spotlight all the time. It is impossible to not draw attention to your humble and outstanding personality with such a piece in your hands. Moreover, the case can be quite useful in a sense that whenever you feel lonely or upset, it will cheer you up immediately. If you adore extraordinary goodies as well as various slogans and lots of details, then Dsquared2 accessory is definitely for you.



Kenzo has a totally different approach to the protection of our lovely phones. The well-known brand offers floral prints which in some way resemble the Japanes sakura. I assume this was the intention of the creative designer – to bring in a touch of the oriental culture and remind the world of the Asian beauty. How can we possibly resist such precious images? This case will be a perfect match for romantic ladies who tend to fall into daydreaming and read touchy novels.


Marc Jacobs
Marc Jacobs

Marc Jacobs also presents a unique design, but in his case it is also about the shape. For instance, the piece on the left clearly outlines the ears of the lovely owl in black and white. How many phone cases with a similar design have you seen? I bet, not so many, huh? This is exactly what makes these items so special. If you love large prints or unique shapes, then this is the best case ever!

#5 top-trendiest-phone-cases-dolce-gabbana-and-marc-jacobs-1 Michael Kors

Here comes an extremely exquisite model designed by Michael Kors. The American designer opted for catchy and saucy prints and was absolutely right. With such a great variety of supply, sometimes the only thing we want to have is an elegant and precious piece. No matter how hard it is to find such a combination, the sourceful world always has what to offer. Besides, these saucy items are designed with the brand’s signature plate which by all means adds to the overall impression.

#6 Dolce & Gabbana
Dolce & Gabbana

Finally, here comes a phone case by Dolce & Gabbana. Actually there are two of them. From the first sight they might seem to be totally different; yet, there is one commonality that unites them. Both models look very luxurious and delicate – which is the Italian’s brand most prominent feature. The one on the right, for example, represents a black leather case with a purse-shaped embellishment on the bottom front. You can even see the gold chain attached to the “bag”. How cool does that sound?

These were the most adorable phone cases presented by the high-end designers. The best thing about these items is that all of them can reflect specific feature of your personality, which not every accessory can do.

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