17 Coolest Masculine Looks

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Trendy masculine look
Trendy masculine look
Masculine looks always attract a lot of attention. It is so stylish to walk around somewhat androgynous outfits and yet look hot and alluring. I am positive that even if you have not had a chance to try on such an ensemble yet, you would more than love to have this opportunity. Yet, before you create your own masculine look, you ought to check out those ones that already exist. Believe me, you will like all the 17 compositions presented below, so there is no need to postpone the moment anymore. Scroll down and get familiarized with the most saucy and appealing outfits that are styled with a masculine touch.

How To Wear Masculine: 17 Striking Examples

The best way to rock this saucy trend is of course to wear a suit. And here one has a wide range of options to go for. You can choose a classic striped one in a dark shade and combined it with a white top and edgy accessories. A pair of heels as well as light hair waves will add  up a touch of glam to your outfit for sure. Besides, this way you can still keep your ensemble in line with the contemporary fashion standards.

In case you would like to go for purely masculine outfit, then you should rock a chunky maxi coat in dark khaki, oversized gray sweater and a pair of classic pants. Flat-heeled shoes and a unisex bag in dark brown will perfectly fit into this ensemble and by all means create a more solid impression. Such a look requires no excessive accessories, so a stylish watch or a couple of moderate rings will be more than sufficient.

Here is a vintage inspired masculine look that is also worth being checked out. These flare capri pants in black velvet go along with the matching coat as well as a lace embroidered blouse in cream. The classic white and black combination creates an elegant and formal image, while the wide-brimmed hat along with the flat lace-up shoes and black socks complete this engaging ensemble in a perfect way.

Suspenders are capable of making practically any look a bit masculine. It does not matter what you wear, this accessory is something that will give the required image in the easiest way possible. You can easily go for the same look as this fashionista released, as it seems to be very easy to create it. All you will need is a pair of mid waist flare pants in black, charcoal gray shirt and navy blue suspenders. Additionally, you might want to add a witch-styled hat, high heels and some outstanding accessories to make this look more vibrant and bold.

There are many more ways to style masculine touch. If you would like to receive more idea on how such an outfit can be created, browse through the gallery below and enjoy the trendiest and most stylish masculine outfits!


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