20 Black & White Dresses: New Classics

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Black and white tunic
Black and white tunic
When it comes to sunny and warm days, the first thing that is recommended is to switch to bright and bold hues. Forget about this gloomy gray palette and bring in some vibrant shades into your closet – this is what they say. However, it is not always about the most catchy colors. Sometimes all you need is a saucy outfit that will stress your natural beauty – and what if not a gorgeous dress can do it in a better way? You have a great chance to enjoy the beautiful frocks in black and white which are presented below. I guarantee that you will be amazed at how engaging and appealing such a classy combination can look.

New Old Good: 20 Monochrome FrocksTo Inspire You

If you feel like impressing everyone around with the view of your long and slender legs, then this is exactly what you need. This striking tunic in a geometric print will make you the queen of any event for sure. The baggy silhouette along with a simple design creates a breathtaking combination worth dying for. There is no way you will stay unnoticed in such a number, especially when you complement it with the right accessories. In this case, a wide-brimmed hat in black, wedge ankle booties in suede and a super hot handbag in burgundy add a perfect final touch to the outfit.

In case you would like to have something more feminine and romantic, then you ought to go for this adorable strapless frock. The mini cut along with light fabric creates a very appealing impression and will by all means fit into your summer closet. The alluring print of the dress is another factor that will make it impossible for one to pass by this number. All in one, this is a perfect item to rock on a hot day, as you will feel very comfortable in such an outfit. As per the styling part, you are free to add any footwear piece, be it a pair of high-heel sandals or some cute flats.

Olivia Palermo in a striking monochrome dress
Olivia Palermo in a striking monochrome dress
Who said that black and white colors have to be represented in an equal proportion? There are absolutely no limits when it comes to the extent to which a certain shade should be featured in a look. Here, for instance, you will spot an obvious dominance of white, while black is more of a styling color. Olivia Palermo knows it for sure how to create astonishing and incredibly stylish outfits, so it makes sense to follow in her steps. This beautiful midi frock with long sleeves and loose fit is a perfect piece to wear to some business meeting or other rather formal event. It will stress your individuality and outstanding fashion taste as well as keep all eyes on you. One way to rock such a number is to combine it with a pair of printed sandals in ecru, a trendy clutch and saucy glasses.

Here is another awesome dress in monochrome that will also speak to you a lot. Diane Kruger sported a magnificent piece in a classic color combination. However, the dress itself is anything but cliché and boring. The strapless fit is combined with a short flare skirt and skimming bodice. The very design of the frock is something that deserves the most attention, as it is performed in an excellent and very alluring way. The top part features some glittering fabric in black while the bottom one is styled in glossy white. Meantime, the two contrasting parts are connected together through a lovely print which shows off a range of branches with tiny leaves. The stunner rocked the number in quite a funky way though – complementing it with a pair of black socks and lacquered shoes. You are free to add any footwear piece you want, depending on the style you opt for.

If you are a fan of unique and creative silhouettes, then you are most likely to fall in love with this astonishing number. This sweater dress in black would look quite regular, if it wasn’t for the large pompoms in white embellishing it. The piece features long sleeves, moderate cut and baggy fit – but one will hardly notice all these elements, when the frock is styled in such a cool and unusual way. You may not necessarily wear it during summer time, but why not to rock it now, when we still have two months of cooler spring days?

In case you would like to see some more of the adorable designs in black and white, scroll down and enjoy the gorgeous and stylish dresses to wear this spring and summer.

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