25 Gorgeous Bags: Zara Fall/Winter 2013

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Zara Fall/Winter 2013 messenger bag
Zara Fall/Winter 2013 messenger bag

To be honest, I didn’t expect something like that from Zara. Sweaters, coats, jeans, scarves, boots – whatever, but not such a grand collection of handbags! I am so used to checking out those regular updates from our favorite street fashion brand, that now I find it extremely surprising that the label decided to delight us with 25 magnificent pieces. Probably, this was the intention – to puzzle and astonish us. Anyway, whatever was behind this gesture, enjoy the stylish bags by Zara!

Zara Fall/Winter 2013 Handbags

The Spanish brand presented 25 gorgeous handbags in various styles and colors. It is super hard (I would say even impossible) to choose the one that speaks to you the most. It actually depends on what purpose you would like to use a handbag for and which outfit you want to complement it with.

You will find here 9 shopper bags with each one able to blow your mind! Plain rectangular, styled with metal details, straps or buckles, in leather and suede and featuring six shades – these are more than just bags! Another thing that will make you happy is an elegant bowling bag in white leather with black suede sides. Its comfortabel handle will enable you carry all your things around without worrying about uneasy feeling.

A marvelous line of city bags is also quite appealing. Rust red, faded burgundy, cream and black: these are the colors that are very classic yet striking. In addition to zippers, fringe, crackled leather, folded over flaps, pockets and metal detailings, these shades create a stunning set of very practical and delicate bags.

For those of you who prefer to be on the light side, Zara has also prepared a collection of messenger bags. Sometimes I also go for this kind of accessory, in order to get rid of all the extra thingies that overload my regular bag. Plus, it is really convenient to sport such a piece when you have to walk miles around the city. There are 4 items, in gorgeous color variations.

And of course, we have to rock something with the evening dresses, don’t we? Clutches and minaudieres by Zara are as fabulous as the rest of the bags are. Rhinestones, glass clasps, metallic fasteners, snakeskin pattern, fur, gold chains and even more make every single clutch look even more magnificent and desirable.

Check out the gallery for more photos of  striking handbags by Zara. Hopefully, you will find the one that appeals to you the most!

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