35 Awesome Ways To Wear A Straw Hat

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A lovely hat to complement smart casual look
A lovely hat to complement smart casual look
A straw hat has become an essential part of our wardrobe a long time ago. It has excellent protective features: the light shade of such a piece reflects the sun rays in a perfect way, whereas the thick material keeps our heads from a sunstroke and hair from hazardous radiation. Besides, such a piece is very comfy to wear, so you won’t even notice or feel that there is something embracing your precious head. However, today not only is it rocked for protection purposes, but also to complement stylish looks. If you check out the examples below, you will immediately grasp how easily this accessory can create astonishing ensembles.

How To Rock A Straw Hat This Summer

A look in smart casual can be easily complemented by a saucy straw piece with wide brims. All you need to do to create such an outfit is just to pair gorgeous high waist loose pants in black and white stripes with a cool long-sleeved button up denim shirt and super elegant ankle strap sandals. An exquisite watch completes this ensemble in a gorgeous way; yet, I would probably go a little bit beyond and add a couple of more jewelry pieces as well as a stylish handbag.

One can go in for steps of Elena Perminova and rock a beautiful short-sleeved baby doll dress featuring mini cut, tight neckline and flare skirt. One might assume that such a frock in glossy gray should be only complemented with a pair of high heeled pumps, an elegant clutch and an evening hair style. Yet, you can clearly see that the beauty combined this beautiful piece with studded flats in black, a funky black lacquered handbag, stylish sunglasses and an astonishing hat in beige with black ribbon styling. This is quite an unexpected combination, but that is exactly what makes it so unique and engaging.

If you are up to playing with colors, here comes a magnificent and incredibly stylish outfit that will definitely speak to you a lot. A loose long-sleeved top with a tight neckline and in polka dot print is combined with a pair of flare shorts in a delicate floral fabric. The color palette of the outfit deserves special attention: the shirt is styled in navy and turquoise, whereas the bottom part features black, green and pink. It just might sound to be a little too much; however, in reality, it appears to be a marvelous combination. A pair of saucy wedge sandals in white and blue stripes along with yummy pink and gold clutch, trendy eyewear piece and a wide-brimmed straw hat completes the look and makes it even more appealing.

Polka dot dress, red high heels & straw hat
Polka dot dress, red high heels & straw hat
In case you feel like coming up with a creative and unique ensemble, then you ought to check out this particular look. I have no doubt that the outfit will speak to those ladies who are used to attracting lots of attention and constantly being in the spotlight. A button up black and white mini dress in large polka dot print and with a ruffled skirt is complemented by a pair of chunky heeled suede lace up shoes in lust red and white socks. Jewelry pieces in red and gold as well as an exquisite chain handbag in a rectangular shape and a saucy hat finish this outstanding ensemble. You can rock the number either to a party or on some more formal occasion and look gorgeous in both cases.

Fans of ecru, cheer up and check out this astonishing and very exquisite ensemble featuring the hottest headwear piece of this summer. The look consists of very simple yet saucy pieces; besides, the way they are combined makes it absolutely impossible to resist the temptation to create a similar one. White Tee in the plainest design ever is paired with skinny ripped up jeans in white and a striped gray vest in a midi cut. A pair of slip-ons in the very same color along with a saucy cream handbag, classic straw hat and trendy sunglasses completes this adorable composition. As one can see, the outfit features no extra accessories or any excessive embellishment; in fact, there is really nothing that would stand out at all. Nonetheless, the harmony and perfect combination of the clothing pieces make this look worth trying on. Especially, when there are so many occasions you can rock it on.

If you would like to check out some more summer ensembles featuring a straw hat, scroll down and browse through the images below. I am quite positive that every each of them will provide you with enough inspiration for the rest of this hot season.

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