8 Sweetest Looks Featuring Lips Print

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Lips printed coat
Lips printed coat
When it comes to prints, one has a wide range of options to choose from. Anything from good old zebra and leopard to sugary florals is available in various forms and colors. Sometimes we even tend to mix several patterns together and end up with extremely vibrant and bold ensembles. However, there are times when our souls are in a search of something special – something that would be more unique and engaging. One way to treat yourself with such a print is to go for outfits that feature lips. And here it does not really matter what sort of a pattern it will be; as long as you enjoy the bright and catchy look, it will work. Below are 8 lovely and very cute ensembles that will by all means speak to you a lot. Read on and choose the outfit of your dream!

How To Wear Lips Print: 8 Inspiring Outfits

The moment I saw this awesome coat in white with blurred lips all over it, I realized how much I would like to have such a piece in my own collection. The impression that this adorable outerwear article leaves is worth of spending any amount of money on it. First of all, it is very saucy and trendy – which itself is an enormous advantage. Besides, the cool pattern creates a very playful and flirty image which will draw even more attention.

In case you would like to have something in a darker shade, then you may consider going for this gorgeous pencil skirt in black. It would be a very regular and cliché piece, if it wasn’t for the cutest print embellishing it. I can guarantee that it will be super hard for one to take their gaze of your look, so it does make sense to opt for something like this. There are many ways to style such a skirt, from a classic white shirt to a plaid top in red and black, for instance.

Here comes a very funky and a somewhat edgy look. I am very positive that many of you will fall for this ensemble as well, as it is full of edgy vibe, which always looks appealing. A pair of black leather pants is combined with a printed rock shirt in white and a red leather jacket. Peep-toe booties as well as black sunglasses and a saucy handbag complemented the cool combo.
Black quilted jacket with a lips print
Black quilted jacket with a lips print
If you feel like wearing something incredibly fun and creative, then here is the piece you are most likely to love! This astonishing quilted crop jacket in electric blue features a myriad of very alluring and appealing lips. The piece is paired with a matching collared shirt, a red Chanel chain bag and black pants. This look will definitely help you stay in the limelight, no matter what. Besides, due to the bright shade a sunny mood is guaranteed both to yourself and everyone around you.

This beautiful ensemble is styled in a very inspiring mood, I must say. The tank crop top in ecru features multi-colored petals along with the pale lips in different shapes. The item is paired with a matching maxi flare skirt with high waist. The first association that came to my mind when I just spotted this number was Japanese haiku – a poem dedicated to nature. I am sure thateveryeach of you will have your own thoughts on this piece, but that the ensemble is worth trying on is a common fact.

If you are looking for something more casual and functional, here is an outfit that will make your mouths water, for sure. This lovely black sweatshirt with red lips spread across it creates a very lovely and cute impression. The way it is combined with an embroidered charcoal full skirt and black shoes deserves special attention from our side. Moreover, the look is complemented with gray and burgundy socks and heart-shaped glasses in purplish red.

This dress was by all means designed for very bold, romantic and beautiful ladies. The strapless bustier fit is combined with a short cut and flare silhouette. The saucy and engaging frock is paired with a matching light coat which in this case is tied around the beauty’s waist. The way she rocked the latter actually creates an impression of a layered and very creative outfit. A multicolored satchel as well as saucy jewelry pieces and trendy sunglasses finished this striking look.

Last but not least comes this casual chis outfit. A very hot leather pencil skirt in black is combined with a long-sleeved gray top with a large print of juicy and bright lips in the middle. The cool ensemble is combined with black Valentino pumps, red tote and cool eyewear piece. You can rock this look as an officewear outfit or to any fashionable event that you attend and be sure that it will fit in the atmosphere in a perfect way.

As one can see, lips print can be styled in various ways and colors. Which one do you find the most appealing?

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