Black Turtleneck and 15 Striking Ways To Rock It

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Black turtleneck & multicolored skirt
Black turtleneck & multicolored skirt
A black turtleneck is something that will never leave the fashion route. This piece manages to be in vogue, regardless of the season, place or current trends. I doubt that there is a single lady who has never had this item in her closet. There are plenty of ways to style this article of clothing; however, not all of them are stunning enough to show of one’s fashion taste. Most often, ladies consider it to be just a regular element of their wardrobes and underestimate its true value. I would not recommend you to do that, as a black turtleneck is clearly something that can help you create the most astonishing and stylish looks. And below are 15 ensemble that will definitely prove it.

15 Awesome Looks Featuring Black Turtleneck

A black turtleneck can be easily combined with more vibrant and engaging elements. For instance, a brightly printed pencil skirt in florals make up a perfect match for this look. I am in love with the delicate pattern as well as the solid combo of white, pink, lemon, green, purple and orange shades. The multicolored statement necklace goes along with the skirt and sets off the pure blackness of the top. Black tights along with the lacquered pumps and adorable handbag in mint complete this breathtaking outfit.

If you are a fan of more funky and edgy looks, then you are most likely to fall in love with this cool ensemble. This loose black turtleneck sweater is combined with a mini wool skirt in gray and black, which features a large zipper along the front part. Dark rights, black suede thigh-high boots, matching sunglasses and an elegant handbag make this outfit complete and more engaging. This is a perfect combination to rock during winter days; the only piece you need to add is a decent and warm coat.

Black turtleneck & slate gray overalls
Black turtleneck & slate gray overalls
Here is a much more unique and creative look. Have you ever thought of pairing your turtleneck with some lovely and cute overalls? The more elegant and formal the latter look, the more appealing and unusual it will be. In this case we can spot a pair of very light and delicate overalls in slate gray. The saucy combination is complemented by black lacquered lace-up booties and an oversized matching bag.

One more look featuring a skirt and this time we are talking about total black outfit. It is more about textures here, than about colors or prints. Loose and oversized black turtleneck is paired with a thigh-skimming mini quilted leather skirt in black. A pair of exclusively cool high-heeled ankle booties in black suede and leather as well as the cute Chanel bag and trendy glasses completed the great look.

You can easily go for a maxi flare skirt in black organza to complement your classic black turtleneck. This would make up an excellent combo; yet, you are not likely to get a total black outfit. It would be more reasonable to add a couple of bright touches, such as a pair of cute leather pumps in oxblood red and a quilted chain handbag in fuchsia. You can also go for a bright necklace or floral headband.

Black turtleneck, fur & leather
Black turtleneck, fur & leather
Here comes a very hot and trendy outfit that will by all means speak to many of you. A black turtleneck is combined with a pair of sexy leather skinny pants, exquisite and luxurious fur coat, elegant wide-brimmed hat, black and gold belt and high-heeled ankle booties. This is a great ensemble to rock along the streets and demonstrate your perfect style and fashion taste.

If you like to play with contrasts, here is something that will blow your mind away. Who said that a black turtleneck has to be complemented by dark styling elements? This look proves the above statement wrong and I must say that I like it a lot. A cream tut midi skirt in tulle and organza is paired with the turtleneck – this is a very unexpected and super alluring combination. Lovely beige suede booties along with the matching clutch and camel brown cashmere coat finished this saucy look.

Last but not least comes one of my favorite looks so far. Why to worry about a million of styling elements, when you have a chance to rock your black turtleneck with an elegant and saucy sleeveless flare dress? The frock in navy blue offsets the pitch black color and creates an irresistible impression. There is no need for accessories or any other embellishment – the look is solid itself.

If you would like to get some ideas on how a black turtleneck can be styled, feel free to browse through the gallery below and enjoy the striking looks.

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