Boho Inspiration Part II: Fringed Sandals

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Luxurious & exquisite sandals in green
Luxurious & exquisite sandals in green
We have already discussed the sauciest boho accessories to complement your outfits with and I am pretty sure you fell in love with all of them. I can imagine that with that awesome set of jewelry pieces, belts and handbags one would strive something more. To continue this magnificent line of designs, let me introduce you a fine collection of boho inspired footwear. Below are 8 pairs of exquisite and incredibly appealing fringe sandals that will surely speak to you a lot. Scroll down to find out the most awesome ways to rock such shoes and choose a pair of your dream to rock this summer.

8 Pair of Fringe Shoes To Inspire You

Here is one of the most alluring and magnificent footwear pieces I have seen recently. From the first glance, there is nothing extraordinary or complicated in its design; however, we somehow get attracted by this pair and can’t help thinking of it anymore. This is exactly what happened to me the very moment I spotted this fine item. To say that I fell in love with item is to say nothing: I am literally obsessed with the piece and have already come up with a thousand of looks that can be styled with the help of these sandals. And it can’t be any other way around if it is a pair of twisted sandals in pine green atlas that we are talking about. The glossy surface of the material goes well with fringed designs along the ankle and overall create a very strong and unbeatable impression. This is an excellent piece to rock with any dress, skirt or even a pair of jeans: due to the classy color one can add almost any article of clothing.

Alluring fringes shoes in lust red
Alluring fringes shoes in lust red
In case you would like to go for a more vibrant item, you will totally love this pair of shoes in lust red. The very shade makes it absolutely impossible to resist the temptation to get these beautiful sandals, so do not even try to struggle back. Besides, the design of this footwear piece is quite appealing and engaging as well, which surely adds a point to the general image. The rather thick strips of leather are entwined between each other and complemented by a zip lock along the backside of the shoes. A gold buckle fits into the composition in a perfect way, while fringe embellishment along the top part of the shoes brings in this delicious boho touch.

If you feel like rocking something extremely unique and creative, but are just not sure which exactly piece to go for, congratulations – you have found a pair of your dream! This adorable piece features such an impeccable and engaging design, that you will most likely fall for it – once and for good. The classy reptile print in sand brown, dark green, gray and cappuccino already makes this pair stand out and look very much appealing. Moreover, the suede adornment all along the shoes features fringed trimming and tiny crystal rhinestones which make the pair even more desirable.

I assume that by now you already crave a pair of fringe sandals for yourself, which is not surprising at all. As it was already mentioned above, it is impossible to stay indifferent toward any of the pairs presented today and I am quite positive that there are no exceptions among you.

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