Bomber Jacket – Must-Have of Spring 2013

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Monochrome Bomber Jacket

Looking for the perfect wear for warming up during the chilly spring days? There is no better option than a bomber jacket that promises to become one of the biggest fashion trends of the season. Being an iconic garment back in 1950’s, the bomber jacket is making a big comeback this season. Besides being a versatile and comfortable piece of clothing, the bomber jacket can serve as a chic finish to your everyday look.

This spring the designers made the bomber jacket a fashion staple. Made from a variety of materials including leather and silk, during the coming season this versatile garment features the rich embellishments like sequins, beads and studs, fun prints and bold colors. So it is a fresh and creative alternative to the old-fashioned bomber jackets we used to wear in high school.

There is a variety of options of incorporating this trendy garment into your looks. Simply layer your bomber jacket over the skinny jeans and shirt for the casual look or throw your silk bomber jacket over a party dress for the formal look. Other options of wearing it include the miniskirts, denim shorts and leather leggings.

While some of the bomber jacket styles feature the authentic traditional design with sporty feel, others look more chic and feminine and are made from luxurious materials like leather and satin. As for the silhouettes, they vary starting from the oversized varsity jackets to the ones with the cropped and more tailored silhouettes.

Trendy Bomber Jacket Styles

Cropped Leather Bomber Jacket

You may bring a feminine feel to your look by wearing a cropped bomber jacket with pleating and draping that barely reaches your waist. This silhouette will flatter your frame and conceal your love handles.

Leather Bomber Jacket

Satin Bomber Jacket

Complement your evening gown with a chic satin bomber jacket with a cropped silhouette to add an edgy and original vibe to your dressy look.

Satin Bomber Jacket

Bomber Jacket with Bold Print

As usual, bold prints are the hottest trend in women’s fashion. So a bomber jacket with a statement print is a must-have of the year. Just don’t forget to find the one with the print that best represents your nature.

Bomber Jacket with Print

Bomber Jacket with Sporty Feel

In case you prefer the sport style in clothing, consider buying a bomber jacket with sporty feel. Simply team it with plain T-shirt and jeans for a true sporty look.

Sporty Bomber Jacket

Quilted Bomber Jacket

Another way to cover up in the regions with the changing weather is wearing a quilted satin bomber jacket that will keep you cool during the day and warm you up during the chilly mornings and evenings.

Quilted Bomber Jacket

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