Christmas-Themed Jumpers for Winter 2012

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As the Christmas and New Year holidays are about to come, it wouldn’t be an extra looking for the Christmas-inspired jumper in order to put it on for the Christmas eve and support the good old tradition from our childhood. Some might consider the Christmas-themed sweaters to look old-fashioned and silly, but in fact nowadays we have got plenty of choices of trendy jumpers that will perfectly suit your personal style during the Christmas celebration.

Christmas-themed sweaters

Knitted Xmas Robin Jumper by Topshop (£50).
If you are new to jumper wearing, you may start it with the reindeer-printed jumper.
Christmas Jumper With Metallic Pattern by ASOS (£35)
Why not to go over the boards when it is the season of excess with this ASOS metallic patterned jumper.
Stella McCartney Reindeer Intarsia Wool-blend Sweater by Stella McCartney (£695)
Support the Christmas theme with this fluoro jumper by Stella McCartney.
Black Candy Cane Jumper by New Look(£24.99)
Sweater with the candy cane pattern is a perfect wear during the Christmas holidays.
Womens Intarsia Robin Jumper by Joules(£79.95)
This cozy jumper will perfectly work for the Christmas night walk.
Simeon Farrar Wolftrim Knit by Donna Ida (£310)
Replace the habitual reindeer with the howling wolves to keep up with the latest fashion trends.
Reindeer Jumper by Gant
Worn with jeans, this sweater with reindeer print will definitely suit the Christmas ambiance.
Sonia Rykiel Ski Jumper by Farfetch (£818.76),
Even if you don’t like skiing, consider wearing this sweater on the Christmas night.
Isabel Marant Moonsfield Intarsia Wool-blend Sweater by Isabel Marant (£305)
Become the spotlight of the Christmas party in the jumper by the queen of fashion.
Knitted Xmas Polar Bear Jumper by Topshop (£50)
It is a neat option of the winter wear.
Ted Baker Fairisle Skater Jumper by John Lewis (£99)
This white and red sweater is a nice way to cheer up the winter grey days.
Floral sweater by Comme Des Garçons (£458.92)
This jumper is intended for ladies that prefer to stake everything.
Louche Gingerbread Man Jumper by Joy (£45)
This jumper will definitely make you feel hungry.
Moschino Reindeer Appliquéd Knitted Wool Sweater by Moschino(£396)
The peanut or reindeer or both?
Meadham Kirchhoff Maria metallic-embroidered knitted sweater by Meadham (£945)
I fell in love with this bold sweater with Christmas-tree decorations.

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