Converse Teams Up With Simpsons

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Are there any Simpsons fans out there? How about All-Stars converse fans? Well, the famous footwear brand Chuck Taylor All-Star has teamed up with the Simpsons, an iconic animated sitcom that is famous for its satirical depiction of an average American family that has been running for almost 25 years. This collaboration promises to provide the newest converse line personalized by the classy characters of the Simpsons family. Are you excited? Well, read on.

All-Star Converse & Simpsons Collaboration

Simpsons Converse

Converses Featuring The Sympsons

The Simpsons have been running since 1989 and imagine how many fans the show has gained during this 24 years! Now, Chuck Taylor All Stars that is often referred to as simply converse, which has been in business for almost a century is now joining forces with the famous satirical animated sitcom to produce new amazing line featuring Lisa, Homer, Bart, Maggie and Marge on the converse shoes.

All-Start have been astonishing the fans with amazing collaborations for quite some time recently, yet this one promises to be just fantastic. The new Simpsons converse will have three distinct covers. One will feature black and blue sneakers with a distinct Homer’s “D’oh” on one side and “Who Hoo” on the other side. The second sneaker type will be featuring Bart writing “I Will Not Waste Chalk” that he was writing on a blackboard of a Springfield Elementary School. Now finally the third type will have blue and white design depicting faces of Lisa, Marge, Maggie on one side and Bart with Homer on the other side.

Well, isn’t that an exciting collaboration? For all the fans of All-Star converse and the Simpsons, this should be an amazing chance to show their love. The new converses will be available online starting from June 15 at prices from $37 to $65.

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