Dita Eyewear Fall/ Winter 2013 Collection

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Fashionable eyewear brand, Dita, has announced the release of their newest eyewear collection for Fall/Winter 2013. The presented fashion campaign offers versatile eyewear pieces suitable for those who want to stay stylish in the upcoming cold months of 2013. The eyewear campaign also has a little bit of surprise factor hidden in it. Let’s explore the collection closer and choose our favorites.

‘Legends’ 2013 Campaign By Dita Eyewear

Dita 2013

Dita von Teese For Dita Eyewear Campaign

Well, Dita Eyewear is known for the amazing eyewear products that are stylish, comfortable and vintage. Their recent collection is no exception, as there are lots of hip frames, unexpected hues and amazing combos. Moreover, the Fall/Winter 2013 collection is starring two definite trendsetters in certain circles, Dita von Teese, a burlesque model and Mark Mahoney, a renowned tattoo artist. The fashion campaign is cleverly entitled ‘Legends’.

You have probably guessed where this collection is heading. Taking its inspiration in the turbulent 1960’s, it offers lots of retro frames and exciting eyewear choices. The collection has 12 unique eyewear pieces to choose from, but the prices range from $350 to $750.

Meanwhile, Dita as brand emerged when two old friends, Jeff Solorio and June Juniper have decided to create their own company that would specialize in stylish and vintage eyewear. The first collection from Dita was released in 1996 and since then the duo was gaining popularity from those who like hip eyewear. The company focuses on vintage inspiration that comes from the 50-80’s, so we can see that the products are really specific.

Jeff and John envisioned Dita as an alternative to label branded eyewear. Dita’s logo details are intentionally subtle so that the frame itself defines the look rather than the logo. This allows the design of the frame to complement features of the wearer and contribute to their overall style.

So how do you like their newest collection? Is it hip enough for you? Did you like Dita von Teese and in the campaign?

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