Fall 2015 Fashion Must-Haves

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So in continuation of our previous post on Fall 2015 fashion trends we would like to talk practical but trendy additions to wardrobe. In case you want to renew or complete your fall wardrobe here are the fashion must-haves you’ll need this season and, well, in general.

Fashion Must-Haves Fall 2015


Turleneck outfits

Clockwise: Alexander Wang, Roberto Cavalli, Alice+Olivia

Turleneck is a fall/winter staple. It’s warm and practical and it goes with almost everything. There are a few certain ways you can wear it to replicate the runway look. Many designers chose to layer up a turtleneck with a tank dress or a plunging jumper. It can be interesting or look completely outdated, with so you have to be careful. A great example of pulling both off is Alexander Wang collection (pretty much in its entirety). His use of leather made the turtleneck look fresh and cool in all of the outfits. Our favorite combinations though are a pleated skirt and a chunky turtleneck sweater and a cropped turtleneck with a maxi skirt.

Men’s Shoes

Men's style shoe trend Fall 2015

Clockwise: Michael Kors, Junya Watanabe, Giorgio Armani

Men style shoes are a hit trend this season. It may not be for everybody but it can surely give your many fall outfits a nice fresh twist. These shoes go well with skirts and trousers and are great for both office workers and dramatic fashionstas. It’s also a great alternative for those who likes their footwear a bit more brutal and angular. There is just no way you can achieve the same look with ballet shoes.

Lace Up Boots

Fall 2015 boots

Clockwise: Altuzarra, Chloe, Christian Dior

If men style shoes aren’t your thing, you might be delighted at the sight of the lace up boots. We totally were. Also lacquered shoes and plastic heels are a huge hit this season. Statement boots are always a great way to stylize a simple fall/winter look that doesn’t allow for much accessorizing.

Oversize Clutch

Fall 2015 handbags

Clockwise: Victoria Beckham, Kenzo, Valentino

Since we’re being practical those trendy fur and boxy bags aren’t making our list of must-haves eventhough they are undeniably fashionable and unusual. Instead if we had to choose one type of bag to wear this season it’d be an oversize clutch or folding bag, or maybe a bucket bag. Functional, elegant, and only slightly inconvenient to hold in one hand, an oversize clutch is a fashion item that can stylize even a simple look.

Speaking of bags, if you really want to make a statement a bag is a way to do it. Many designers went for unusual bags this time around following Mochino’s craze for crazy bags.

Statement Jewelry

Fall 2015 accessories

Clockwise: Dolce & Gabbana, Stella McCartney, Elie Saab

Statement jewelry was all over Fall/Winter 2015-2016 runways and models displayed decorations literally from head to toe as some designers chose to add statement head pieces to their collections, while others went for brooches that were worn not only on chests but also heels and boots. Pearls made a huge comeback with some of the most outstanding pieces in Stella McCartney and Givenchy lines.

Combined with the latest fashion trends these must haves can make for some really awesome outfits, what do you think?

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