Flat Sandals: What To Choose & How To Wear

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Alessandra Ambrosio rocks a gorgeous pair of sandals
Alessandra Ambrosio rocks a gorgeous pair of sandals
It is not all about high heels, is it? Sometimes it makes sense to rock something more comfortable and light, other than torture yourself with beautiful yet devastating pumps. And not only can you rock flat footwear with sporty and casual outfits, but also you have a chance to create some awesome ensembles in other styles. If you have doubts about the latter, scroll down to check out the most gorgeous and stylish looks featuring flat sandals. I can guarantee that once you get familiarized with these great ensembles, you will completely change your vision as well as the summer shoe collection.

20 Awesome Looks Featuring Flat Sandals

Alessandra Ambrosio presented a magnificent outfit that will speak to you a lot. A loose white top is paired with adorable printed shorts in a super beautiful color palette. The piece features shades of blue, red, green, yellow, purple and ecru and by all means presents a mind-blowing item to rock. This gorgeous duo is styled with a pair of very elegant sandals in brown. The footwear piece is designed in a very simple way; yet it looks very engaging and appealing. A saucy handbag in blue as well as some moderate accessories complements this outfit in a gorgeous way.

If you happen to be in love with animals, then you will definitely fall for this adorable outfit. The strapless frock with tight neckline is styled in a lovely blue shade, whereas the light fabric is embellished with a myriad of multi-colored creatures. Such a fun and exciting pattern drives one’s imagination and definitely makes this piece more desirable. The beautiful dress is complemented with a pair of super stylish flat shoes in brown, encrusted with colorful gemstones. An exquisite handbag in tan along with elegant pearl necklace and a bunch of trendy bracelets finishes this striking outfit.

You can also create a perfect summer look with the help of very stylish sandals in black. The atlas stripes – one around the foot and the other one embracing the thumb toe – creates a very delicate and appealing image. The saucy pair styles a sleeveless crop top in black and high waist loose pants in a reptile print. This combo is complemented with a sophisticated clutch in green and a cool parka in slategray.

White dress, black blazer and brown sandals
White dress, black blazer and brown sandals
Who said that you can’t combine a pair of flat and purely casual sandals with a light and elegant dress? Of course you can do so – once you get rid of the stereotypes and unnecessary brackets. These superb weaved flip flops in chocolate brown perfectly complement the delicate and exquisite dress in cream with a slit along the front. A very formal blazer in black as well as a stylish handbag and a pair of sleek glasses completed the ensemble in an excellent way. This is not something that you will likely to see in the street very often and that is exactly the reason this outfit is so engaging.

If you hesitate about how well a pair of plain flat sandals will fit into your closet, then you should definitely go for gladiator sandals. With this footwear design you can be sure that none of your looks will be boring or cliché. In fact you don’t even need to bother that much about the outfit itself, as the main accent will be placed on your shoes. However, if you do put an emphasis on the clothing part as well, then I can guarantee that you will end up with an adorable outfit, full of unique vibe and appealing touch. And this particular composition is a perfect example to prove it: a gorgeous sleeveless dress in a loose fit, midi cut and enchanting floral print is styled with a pair of saucy gladiators in silver and a pair of elegant eyewear.

And since this footwear item belongs to a rather casual group, let’s throw in a lovely casual look. A pair of bleached crop jeans is combined with a loose semi-sheer sweatshirt in powder and mint and very moderately designed flat shoes in black. An embellished hippie handbag along with a delicate pendant in gold and stylish watch adds a finishing touch to the look and makes it absolutely irresistible. Feel free to rock the outfit on a regular walk or to have a cup of tea with a pal – you will feel very comfy and stay cool!

Below are 14 more looks that all will blow your mind away. These outfits will provide you with a better idea of how one can create astonishing and quite elegant ensembles with the help of flat summer footwear.

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