How To Wear An Ecru Sweater

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Knit sweater and layered outfit
Knit sweater and layered outfit
A knit sweater is an absolute essential in any lady’s wardrobe. We can spend hours discussing how stylish and cool this clothing piece looks when paired with other items. I believe everyone has rocked such an article at least once in their lifetime, so there is no point in focusing on the advantages of such a sweater. What is much more useful is how to wear the piece in the best way possible. Luckily, there are a huge variety of ways and alternatives to style this article of clothing. Below you will find just some of them; however, the presented looks will speak to you a lot and by all means provide with a great source of inspiration.

10 Stunning Outfits Featuring A Ecru Knit Sweater

Here is a very elegant and cute look that is definitely worth trying on. This adorable crop knit sweater in beige is combined with a maxi loose unbuttoned white shirt and and a wool beige flare mini skirt. I am totally in love with this ensemble, since I am a big fan of layering. Besides, the whole outfit is styled in such an exquisite color palette, that it becomes quite hard to resist the it. Since it is winter time, it would make more sense to add a pair of tights in a matching or, on the contrary, contrasting shade, some saucy boots and a stylish coat.

Here comes another way to style a sweater with a skirt; yet, this time it is a much more bold and funky combination. You are most likely to bring in some changes into the look: as long as it fits into your overall closet, this is fine. A cute and fluffy sweater in cream is paired with a saucy and cool mid-ankle flare skirt in rust brown. A pair of sheer nylon tights as well as very comfy running shoes in white, gray, black and red complete the look.

Skinny ripped up jeans in white will make a perfect complement for a delicate and lovely oversized sweater in cream. If you add a plain white shirt or turtleneck along with black and gray sneakers and a casual handbag, then you will receive a very stylish and trendy outfit, excellent for strolling a down the streets of your city.

Tunic sweater and chiffon dress
Tunic sweater and chiffon dress
Tunic-like sweater looks rather boring if you rock it independently from any other clothing pieces. However, the moment you add a light summer dress in beige chiffon, the situation changes in a dramatic way. It is no longer a regular and cliche look, but a very unique and stylish one. Besides, there is no way that such a combo will not allure when combined with chunky black military booties, tan socks and ecru handbag.

Here comes an incredibly sophisticated and luxurious look. If you opt for this outfit, then be sure that you will impress every single person around you. Every detail of the ensemble screams of the high style and impeccable fashion taste that the owner possesses. Beige and gray flare pants are paired with a lovely sweater shirt in a loose fit and crystal white shade. A pair of elegant pumps (which can be replaced by some hot high-heeled booties) as well as a wide-brimmed black hat and a petite chain handbag across the shoulder completed the outfit.

In case you like to play with contrasts, here is something that will make your mouths water. A chunky and beautifully embroidered turtleneck sweater in beige is complemented with a sexy black mini skirt which features a lace trimming. A pair of leather boots in black, cute cap with gold styling and a matching clutch finish the saucy ensemble.

Total-white outfit
Total-white outfit
Total-white outfits will always stay on trend. Regardless of the clothing pieces they are made out of, such ensembles will keep their power and hot zest. This look is obviously not an exception. Besides an attractive color combination, it also features layering – which makes it a perfect outfit in my eyes. White classic pants are paired with a beige silk shirt, cream knit sweater, and a lovely maxi blazer. A beige cashmere coat along with the black oxford shoes, matching clutch and cool sunglasses made this look even more irresistible.

The most casual article of clothing also goes well with an ecru knit sweater. A pair of simple skinny jeans requires a beautiful collared shirt (can be in any shade), a cute sweater over it and some stylish accessories. A vibrant clutch, trendy sunglasses or outstanding footwear will do good.

Even though it is winter that we are talking about, I would still recommend you to try out this saucy and alluring look. A plain sweater in cream is tucked into high-waisted richly embellished lace shorts. The saucy ensemble is complemented with a large tote in black and gold and cool ankle booties in black suede.

If you happen to be a fan of leather, here is an awesome way to create an elegant and even somewhat formal look. Due to the monochrome palette, this outfit look very classic and moderate; while the leather texture of the flare pants is almost unnoticeable. The tight neckline does not require any additional embellishment; yet, you can easily go for a cool necklace or pendant.

Above were ten adorable and mind-blowing ways to rock a knit sweater in ecru shades.

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