How to Wear Denim Vest This Summer

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White lace dress & denim vest
White lace dress & denim vest
There are plenty of ways one can wear denim. Anything from old good jeans to some creative dresses has taken place in our closets once and forever. It is almost impossible to imagine our lives now without a denim piece and seems like designers are very well aware of this, as they keep releasing striking collections featuring items in this fine fabric. While you already had a chance to familiarize yourselves with the hottest jeans and skirts, now it is time to take a look at the coolest denim vests as well as the awesome ways to style such a clothing piece.

Style Your Summer Look With A Denim Vest

Here comes my favorite look featuring a denim vest. I have no doubt that you will also fall in love with, as it is both very romantic and funky. Such a contrast is reached due to the engaging combination of the elements that make up the ensemble. A very delicate and cute short-sleeved white mini dress styled with lace embroidery is complemented by a thick denim vest and a pair buckled up sandals in brown. A simply designed handbag in black along with black glasses and gold watch completed this gorgeous look.

You can easily create a very stylish casual look in just a couple of steps. To do so you need to follow the example of Jessica Alba and opt for trendy layering. A plain tee in cream is combined with a bleached crop denim vest and a pair of skinny pants in tan. To create more contrast and make this ensemble more alluring, the beauty added a pair of vibrantly embellished flats in fuchsia, orange and beige as well as a super cool handbag in tangerine. Meantime, a cozy scarf in ecru, a pair of bluish gray glasses and a pink bracelet add a finishing touch to the ensemble.

Maxi skirt is also something that can complement a denim vest. It is all about which exactly piece you go for – and this works in both cases. If you are planning to create a very simple yet stylish casual outfit, then all you need to do is just to pair a floor-length pleated skirt in black with a printed black and white top. To finish this cool composition, just throw in a denim vest in light blue, a pair of flat sandals, some engaging bangles in gold and a trendy handbag.

Why not to come up with a sporty outfit to stroll in the city? Beside the comfy fit, you will also get a very appealing look, since the ensemble features quite an alluring touch. A pair of leather leggings in pitch black is set off by a plain T-shirt in white and white running shoes. A casual vest in denim along with a raffle bag in black, trendy sunglasses and very moderate jewels complete this stylish composition. You can bring in some vibrant hues to the outfit by applying a bright lipstick or nail polish, for instance.

What do you think of a denim vest? Would you like to add it to your collection?

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