Modalu England Handbags: Mini Pippa Collection

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Modalu England Mini Pippa Collection
Modalu England Mini Pippa Collection

Whenever it comes to bags, there is nothing in this world that can constrain me. I am sure the situation is the same with you. I have no clue whta’s so special about this piece of accessory, but affection for it is in my nature. Some people might argue that handbags are pointless at all, for their first and main objective is to presereve and carry things. However, we have all the legal foundations to disagree with this assumptions. A bag has not been considered as a mere tool since the world’s creation. So it is quite feasible now to look ar various handbags and choose the one that fits you the best. Let me introduce the gorgeous handbag collection by Modalu England. 

Modalu England  Mini Pippa Collection: It’s All About Bags

I officially claim it to be a must-have of the season. Not only because it is so stylish and trendy, but also since the whole line of these bags is devoted to the famous royalty. Any guesses of who this lucky girl is? To be honest, it took me quite a while to find the right person. All right, I am giving you a hint: look at the name of the collection. Yes, you are totally right! Pippa Middleton (I assume, there is no need to introduce her) served as inspiration for the label.

At Modalu we’ve always been synonymous with quality, craftsmanship and attention to every detail. Every bag we make is expertly crafted using the finest quality materials and finished to the very highest standards.  It’s what our customers, the world over, expect from us and we take meeting those expectations very seriously.

Modalu England is a British brand that creates adorable bags and purses. No wonder that Pippa herself decided to don one of their pieces. Once she showcased her affection for this bag, the community of fashionistas immediately went crazy, running around in a search of such a piece.

Today, Modalu is growing, and extending our reach deeper into global markets. As we do this, we felt the need to underline our uniquely English heritage in a way that will resonate with our existing customers at home and abroad, as well as new customers in new markets. So, we’ve added a sense of place to our quality proposition, rooting our brand DNA in England’s distinctive design heritage. Our new brand name is Modalu England, chosen to reflect our timeless values and dedication to an unrivalled craftsmanship that’s synonymous with English heritage, as recognised around the world.

The bags presented here have all the required features of a perfect bag. It is worth to mentione that the latest line presents a set of Mini Pippa bags. Although the size cnanged, you can’t say the same of the quality. The pieces are offered in dusk, black croc, brogue toffy and chocolate shades. Plus, they all feature trendy styling, like zippers and metal plates.

Made from the finest of leather, our iconic Pippa collection comes in an array of classic or trend driven hues and textures which evolve as to reflect the season. Including our best-selling Pippa grab, small grab, new miniature grab bag, shoulder or crossbodies, and both small and large purses.

Modalu England Mini Pippa collection seems to be adorable. There are only five of the styles, yet I can’t decide on my favorite one. I assume, it is multicolored one thta I like the most. Look at the images of the newly released items and share with us on your beloved piece.

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