Old Navy Makes White Jeans Practical

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Old Navy might have just solved your light jeans problem. Many girls shy away from white/light jeans and pants for a very good reason. While they are pretty functional, they are rarely practical as in they stain like crazy whether you are getting stains of food all over or simply sit on a dusty bench. There’s no hiding in in white jeans.

Old Navy white jeans

Old Navy made white jeans that the brand claims repel stains and spills and stay white no matter how messy it gets. The skinny style has a mid rise and would look perfect with any pairing in casual and smart casual style.

The caveat though is that the stain-repelling technology can withstand only 20 wash cycles, which isn’t a lot especially for white jeans. So it looks like you’ll still have to be very careful wearing these and also pick your washing time as often washes might just leave you with regular white jeans that stain easily and are a pain in the butt to wash.

Anyway there’s just something about white jeans that make them worth the trouble plus it’s always a good idea to be more careful with your clothing if you want it to last longer.

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