Puma & Rime Luxe Sky Wedges

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Puma & Rime Luxe Sky Wedges

We all know about the wedge sneakers, right? So I don’t really need to spend hours on stressing how gorgeous and comfortable theay are. Good thing, we have already passed this boring step. By now, every single fashionista has either bought a pair of her own hotties, or at least tried them on. But no matter what brand, color and style those sneakers were, none of them are even close to what I am about to offer. Get ready, ladies, as this post will make your minds literally blow and your mouths water for hours. You have never seen a piece like this one: so perfectly beautiful and awesome. Welcome with a big round of applause the most stunning item of December: Puma & Rime Luxe Sky Wedges.

Puma Teams Up With Rime for a Apair of Gold Wedges

For those of you who are not familiar with Rime, a couple of words about the brand will do. Rime was originally set up in 2007 as a men’s footwear brand. It was located in Downtown Brooklyn and was by no means a huge success. The shop attracted so many customers and gained popularity so fast, that the company decided to expand its activity.

To further spread our love for footwear and apparel, in 2012, we enhanced our brand in two major ways. First, we opened a second location on the Upper Eastside of Manhattan. Then, we wandered further into the uncharted territory of the sneaker/apparel world by expanding our base in women’s wear. Working with a diverse community of individuals on a number of exhibitions and in-store events, Rime is also dedicated to providing a creative platform where customers, designers, and artists can interact and inspire one another.

Rime currently stocks such brands as:  Penfield, Stussy, UNDFTD, Obey, Nike Sportswear, G-Shock, Kangol, Levi’s, Billionaire Boys Club, Ewing Athletics, Akomplice, Stance, Schott, Married To The Mob, Norse Project, Unyforme, General Public, Canada Goose,  Staple, TImberland, Abington, Red Wing, Converse, Nike, Adidas, Reebok, New Balance, Puma, Patrick Ewing, Supra, and Android Homme.

The saucy collaboration between Puma and Rime was released recently. The result of the hard work won’t disappoint anyone. An absolutely stunning pair of wedge sneakers in gold is something that is worth dying for. I am not sure about you, but I am ready for any kind of deeds just to try these marvelous shoes on.

The newest piece is already avaialable at the price of $130. Not so bad, huh? Taking into account that it is Puma, paying that much money sounds very ridiculous. At least here you don’t have to worry about the quality – Puma is well known for the awesome sportswear pieces it releases. The cool wedges feature a very classic for this model design: laces combined with buckles, wedge bottom, and ankle-high top. The most unique thing is the gold shade and the signature sign of Puma. You can also spot affiliation with this famous brand on the very edge of the wedge, where it says Puma Contact.

Puma & Rime Luxe Sky wedges are so awesome that I can hardly resist this desire to spend my gift budget. The only thing capable of containing me is the my letter to Santa Claus which is yet to be written. So instead of wasting money myself, I would rather order the saucy pair of sneakers via this generous old man. And don’t tell me that he doesn’t exist, I won’t believe you anyway.

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