Sculptural Sunglasses By Anna-Karin Karlsson

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Swedish designer, Anna-Karin Karlsson came up with an astonishing sculptural eyewear collection for summertime. Her newest eyewear line is entitled whimsically Perfecting the Art of Dying Alone, and we can never guess why, because the pieces seem at times rather cheerful. Take a closer look at these astonishing sunnies and explore their hidden meanings.

Grotesque Sunwear By Anna-Karin Karlsson

Sunglasses By Anna-Karin Karlsson

“Cause I Flippin Can” Eyewear Campaign By Anna-Karin Karlsson

Well, certainly someone is being grotesque and sometimes over the top with the sculptural trend in fashion, don’t you think? Karlsson eyewear is very distinguishable not only in shapes, but also in names. Just imagine wearing a pair with a peculiar name as Mourning For Miss Blow, the bold sunglasses with exaggerated rims. Few would know that the name refers to fashion legend, Isabella Blow who had a distinguishable Prada style in all of her looks.

There is another pair of retro sunglasses, entitled Cause I Flippin Can where cute romantic roses adorn the rim of the glasses. With such funky names it is easy to fall in love with the whimsical style and original approach of Karlsson. Among other themes present there are lots of animalistic inspiration in forms of peacock feathers, tiger prints; but there are also geometric prints, as well as lovely florals.

However, the stealer of attention is the gorgeous Black Horse sunglasses. These feature a black stallion over the frame of the eyewear. Another thing that is rather bold about this piece is the yellow glass that contrasts against the pitch black frame. No doubt these sunglasses are very rich in explanation of the style and drama on their own. So, have you picked out your favorite piece from the collection? Well, if you consider yourself a fashionista, you should at least check out this amazing collection with such a peculiar and sad name.

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