Summer 2015 Officewear: 32 Inspiring Looks

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Carrot red office dress & nude coat
Carrot red office dress & nude coat
The most complicated question of all time is What Should I Wear? I am pretty sure that today it is not only ladies who are concerned with this topic, but also some male representatives who are in a constant search of perfect looks. And while it is more or less easy to come up with casual and go-out outfits, it is normally the office ensembles that place the most doubton our choice. If you face with this problem a lot, then you ought to check out the 32 magnificent and incredibly stylish ensembles showcased below. Once you finish with this post, I can guarantee that you will have no difficulty composing your daily looks at all.

32 Office Outfits To Blow Your Mind

One of the most classic compositions of office wear is represented by an elegant and modest dress. While ladies usually opt for some cliché colors such as white, blue and black, it makes sense to bring in some vibrant hues and go for a striking carrot red frock. I have no doubt that this combo will speak to many of you, as it is full of sophisticated touch and saucy zest. The below-the-knee piece features a very tight neckline and a loose fit – so one can be sure that the item is not going to compromise a single human being and hence is an excellent piece to wear to work. The saucy item is combined with a super delicate and cute short-sleeved coat in nude, a pair of exquisite ankle straps in violet and a trendy embroidered clutch in white.

If you are lucky to have more or less loose dress code regulations, then you can easily sport this awesome outfit. A pair of slightly ripped crop jeans in white is combined with a very stylish and alluring collar shirt in white and black stripes. The look is complemented with ankle strap sandals in tan and beige as well as very delicate jewelry pieces and a saucy black handbag.

Those of you who prefer to wear pants will definitely fall in love with this stunning ensemble. Although it looks very simple and moderate, one will find it extremely hard to resist the power and appeal of this composition. Classy white shirt with rolled up sleeves perfectly matches the high waist flare crop pants in black. The latter are designed in a very cool way with a draped top part and black ribbon adornment along the waist line. The beauty finishes this great ensemble with a pair of gladiator sandals in silver, an extremely elegant handbag in black and a very aristocratically looking scarf in a dark palette.

Loose pant suit in slate gray & chiffon mint shirt
Loose pant suit in slate gray & chiffon mint shirt
Here is one more office look featuring pants, but this time it is styled in a totally different way. The stunner sports a very stylish and sophisticated pant suit in slate gray – this is the case when the shade of the clothing piece is so appealing that you hardly pay attention to anything else. The baggy fit of the item matches the crop cut of the pants as well as the loose chiffon shirt in light turquoise. The look is completed with the help of gorgeous sandals in burgundy, a pair of saucy glasses and a very simple clutch in white.

It is incredibly hard to imagine an office wardrobe without a pencil skirt. This is indeed a universal clothing piece that matches any item you add. Depending on the complementary pieces, one is capable of creating some outstanding ensembles – in various styles, textures and color compositions. Here is one of the most delicious examples I have seen so far and I am pretty sure that you will fall in love with it just the way I did. A beautiful skirt in powder pink is combined with a very light and exquisite short-sleeved top featuring laser-cut stripes. A pair of crystal white pumps as well as a gorgeous clutch in cream complements this outfit in an excellent way. And the best part here is that this look can be rocked to any other occasion apart from your work, which means that you can easily head to a party directly from your working station and still look accordingly.

Below are some more outfits that will perfectly fit into your office closet. Browse through the images and choose the looks you would like to incorporate in your daily life.

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