Summer Coat: 10 Splendid Designs

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Magnificent summer coat in bluish violet
Magnificent summer coat in bluish violet
If you think that a coat is to be rocked only on a fall or winter day, you are very much wrong. After all, summer is not only about sunny and warm days, isn’t it? I am pretty sure that every each of you faced with a situation when you woke up early in the morning to discover quite chilly and windy weather outside. And the man question of course would be what to wear on such a day. Various blazers and cardigans will definitely do, as they keep you warm and cozy, however they will not necessarily keep your dry and safe from rain drops. Moreover, if you spend a lot of time under the heavy shower, your delicate item will be most likely spoiled – which is the last thing you want to happen, right? Therefore it is very reasonable to prepare for such unexpected climate shifts ahead of time and get yourself a stylish and cozy summer coat. Scroll down to see the most adorable examples ever.

10 Magnificent Coats To Sport In Summer

I have absolutely no doubt that you will fall in love with this striking outfit the moment it comes to your attention. I is impossible that anyone would ever be able to resist its high style and great appeal, so do not even try to escape. This astonishing mid-ankle coat in bluish violet features a short sleeves, baggy silhouette and two symmetrical buttons in purely decorative purposes. A super trendy mini skirt in glossy violet and peach is complemented with a knit maxi cardigan in white, a stylish striped scarf and  a pair of sneakers in beige.

Those of you who are in love with black will 100 percent be satisfied with this next outfit. The black atlas coat with three-quarter sleeves, V-neckline, elegant leather belt and a dress-like fit create a very exquisite and luxurious view. The piece is paired with very cool sandals in black leather, which make them a super moderate to rock to the job.

It is still about bright and catchy prints, so why don’t you focus a little bit more on various patterns available today. For instance, this great coat in beige and two shades of green will make even the gloomiest summer day a festive holiday – only in case you style the outerwear item in a proper way.

If you are fond of oriental motifs, then you can always rock an outfit that features a precious image and luxurious quality. The awesome piece in gold is designed with a beige belt and no buttons on the front. The coat is combined with a pair of matching pants a beige flip-flops.

Vibrantly printed summer coat
Vibrantly printed summer coat
Here is a look that is very similar to the previous one; nonetheless, one can clearly identify some differences as well. First, the number features a very famous print of the Uzbekistani craftsmen – this is already a very valid idea to opt for such a piece. In this case, it is also complemented with a pair of equivalent pants. The print itself is much brighter than you think it is, therefore it is recommended to style it with super vibrant accessories.

How about an embellished summer coat? Would you like to have something like that? This is an example of how great and stylish can such an outfit look like. The superior piece in powder pink with some white and pink sequins goes along with a pair of white shorts, a cool T-shirt in black, yellow ans white. The look is finished by mustard yellow pumps and a very elegant turquoise lift.

Another favorite coat in a beautiful color – please meet my next favorite color. There is no way one will ever be able to resist its power and beauty, as the item is designed in a marvelous shade. Except for the deep sky blue color, there are some other elements to take into account. Oversized shoulders and fake pockets fulfill their important mission completely – the more I look at the item, the deeper I am falling in love with it.

White and plaid always go together. If you would like to add something very laconic and chic to your wardrobe, then you will surely like this look. A pair of plaid flare pants in white and gray is combined with a matching vest and a very awesome coat in white with gray trimming. The outfit is complemented with an elegant striped scarf in coral, white and black as well as a pair of white sneakers.

Powder pink is an all-time favorite color. You can rock almost anything you want in this shade and you will look like a princess. There is a certain amount of hidden power in this color that it attracts so much attention. You can easily combine it with matching pieces or else create completely different outfits.

A little bit more of the sky blue will surely not hurt. This plaid short-sleeved coat in blue and cream is an excellent piece to rock with light summer dresses or just skirts/pants and tops. One can come up with elegant and office looks, whereas the rest of the ideas have an unlimited number of great designs.

Which one of these 10 awesome summer coats? Come up with the decision and quickly get what you decided upon.

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