Top 20 Gorgeous Pant Suits To Wear This Spring

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Elegant white pant suit
Elegant white pant suit
A pant suit is an absolute must-have in any lady’s closet. This is something that can help you build an image of a high-end business woman in a single click. Therefore, everyone ought to have at least one piece in their collections. Below are 20 awesome examples to show you how elegant and chic a woman can look wearing the right kind of a pant suit. Read on to find yourself drooling over every single number presented here.

Which Pant Suit To Go For: 20 Exquisite Looks

Crystal white pant suit will make your day and drive all eyes to you, for sure. There is nothing else that is capable of creating such a strong and long-lasting impression than this ensemble. If you look closely at it, you are not likely to spot any outstanding details or astonishing styling elements. However, it is quite hard to resist its power, isn’t it? This is the way it works with simple and very elegant designs – you do not get driven by a piece right away, but the more you explore it, the deeper is your affection for it. This pair of straight white pants perfectly matches a shortened buttonless blazer, while a pair of tan sandals and a navy top with a diamond shaped cutout on the neckline finish the stylish outfit.

In case you would like to have something more creative and unique, then this ensemble in sand brown will speak to you a lot. Light linen is a perfect material to wear during the warm season, as it will literally make you forget that you are wearing anything at all. The plain and moderate design of somewhat flare pants is complemented with this adorable embroidery all along the matching blazer. I am totally in love with the colorful flowers and butterflies embellishing the soft surface of the piece. Meantime, the piece does not look overloaded at all, which is a great advantage. In this case, the suit is complemented with a pair of flat sandals, however I would recommend to go for a pair of heels.

Saucy pant suit in lust red
Saucy pant suit in lust red
Lust red is a must-have of any season. This is the color that immediately puts you into the spotlight, regardless of what kind of event you are attending. And when it is such an exquisite pant suit that we are talking about, it becomes absolutely pointless resisting its overwhelming charm. The number itself is designed in a very regular way – it is all about the color here. Feel free to add any clothing piece you want, be it a classic collared shirt, a chiffon top or even a rock tee. Either way you are likely to end up with an astonishing ensemble. Your footwear choice depends in the style you go for; so here I would recommend to pay a fair amount of attention.

I am in totally in love with this color trend of Spring 2015 – aquamarine. Blue shades always look refreshing and stylish, but this particular one is just out of any competition. The delicate and super sophisticated color makes one’s mouth water and thoughts completely occupied. As if it wasn’t enough, the suit is styled in a gorgeous way, leaving no room for hesitation. The ensemble features a vintage zest, which makes it even more desirable and irresistible. You can easily wear it independently or in a combination with tank top in white, for instance.

Those of you who prefer to stay as classy as possible will definitely fall for this outfit. The fabric might seem to be a bit thicker if you compare it to the previous ones, but you will feel as much comfortable as in anything else – after all, this ensemble was designed by Chanel. The dark pattern is complemented with some vibrant touches as well as the multicolored tie rocked against a classic white shirt. The blazer features an extended length, which goes well with the flare pants. The fashion house suggests that you wear such a suit with flat footwear in some colorful pattern, but you are definitely free to choose any other pair of shoes that you like.

Custard yellow is another color trend of this season and it surely deserves to be ranked as such. This shade is quite bright, meantime it has nothing to do with those crazy neon colors that we were once into. Quite the contrary, this look is very much sophisticated and chic – which is a rather fair reason to sport it. Oversized blazer with symmetrical rows of metal buttons and fake pockets is paired with crop pants in a matching color and loose silhouette. All in one, this is a great chance to make your daily wardrobe more vibrant and engaging. One thing I would change about this particular look though is its styling: there is already too much of yellow in it, so why not to add some other shades?

There are some more pant suits available in the gallery below. Scroll down and enjoy the saucy looks.

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