Top 30 Most Adorable Short Suits For Summer 2015

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Beautiful short suit in colorful print
Beautiful short suit in colorful print
If you think that shorts are designed only to make you feel comfortable during the hot season, you are awfully wrong. It is no longer an article of casual clothing – there are plenty of examples when designers present some astonishing pieces that can even compete with skirts and dresses. And this makes us, the ladies, incredibly happy, since now we have an opportunity to combine a cozy fit with a gorgeous design. In case you would like to add some fresh and alluring zest to your summer wardrobe, then you have to check out this awesome post. After all, it is 30 mind-blowing pairs of elegant short suits that we are talking about – so I doubt that anyone will be able to resist the charm and adorable style of these pieces.

How To Wear Short Suit This Summer

Here is one of the most perfect short suits that one can think of. I am absolutely in love with the design of this number, as it is full of summer vibrancy and sophisticated touch. The plaid pattern in blue, purple, coral and white creates a very strong and unbeatable image, whereas the glossy surface attracts even more attention. The plain white top perfectly offsets the bright composition, while a pair of stylish booties in charcoal and black along with matching socks, white minaudiere, trendy glasses and some moderate jewelry pieces fit in in an excellent way.

If you feel like wearing something incredibly romantic and feminine, then an awesome suit in ecru embellished with florals will definitely speak to you a lot. The flare high waist shorts are combined with a matching blazer in a classic design. One can wear practically anything with this adorable ensemble, be it a lovely and super light chiffon top in cream or an alluring bustier top in some brighter shade. When it comes to footwear, the only right option to go for is a pair of high heels, but here once again you have a wide range of options. Be it a pair of classic pumps in pastels or more fancy and funky shoes, your outfit will look equally well.

Elegant tuxedo short suit by Emmy Rossum
Elegant tuxedo short suit by Emmy Rossum
I have absolutely no doubt that you will fall in love with this adorable ensemble rocked by Emmy Rossum. The moment I spotted this fantastic outfit, I realized how much I would like to get it into my collection. First of all, it features one of the most beautiful colors to wear this spring – sky blue. Just this mere fact should already keep your mouths water, as there is hardly any other shade that is capable of turning a look into a sophisticated and exquisite masterpiece. The look consists of a formal blazer, a matching vest and a pair of flare shorts. A classic collared white shirt along with a glossy tie in blue and a pair of super cool sandals in beige added a final touch to the ensemble.

In case you happen to be a big fan of oriental motifs, then this is an outfit you will have no power to resist. Let’s start with the fact that it is sported by Olivia Palermo. I think this should already make one crave the number, regardless of its design and other details. The stunner went for Oriental style this time and rocked a lovely atlas suit in powder pink. The pattern of this outfit is so adorable that the rest of the design hardly makes any difference. The exquisite embellishment of the delicate fabric reminds one of the kimonos that some Japanese royalties would carry around.  All in one, this is an excellent look to opt for if you want to impress everyone around you with your striking fashion taste.

Who said that you can’t wear shorts to office? This is the case only if you have a super strict dress code and your boss is not open for any sort of experiments. In all the other cases, feel free to add this clothing piece to your office wear wardrobe. It is just about styling it in the right way: once you do it, trust me you will end up with a stunning outfit full of elegant style and great appeal. All you need to do is just to combine a pair of high waist shorts in black with a gorgeous white and black silk shirt, a super stylish black tuxedo, splendid suede pumps and an elegant burgundy clutch.

Browse through the gallery and check out even more of the magnificent and mind-blowing short suits. You are most likely to fall in love with every single piece, as the below collection is extremely fascinating.

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