3 Most Influencial Men Fashion Bloggers

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Fashion blogging is developing very rapidly by creating an accessible platform for people who express their fashion outlooks. As mentioned by the Pulitzer Prize winning fashion writer and former blogger Robin Givhan: ‘fashion blogs had democratized the fashion industry’. Have you ever wondered what are the most successful and influential men in fashion blogging? Well, if you have – let the countdown begin!

Top 3 Men Fashion Bloggers

Men Fashion bloggers

The Kosann Sisters By Jamie Beck

3. Ann Street Studio

Behind Ann Street Studio we have a very talented photographer Jamie Beck, who documents everything that he thinks is important – from fashion events to cinematography and celebs. This blog showcases his perspective on being fashionable and creative by portraying the incredible fashion insights.

His main interest stays in fashion, as he manages to see it even in the daily life that is mostly devoid from this art. Jamie Beck also works with various editorials, such as Vogue Paris, participates in major fashion shows and just loves to write about his experiences. Above you see the latest fashion editorial collaboration with the Kosann sisters, also bloggers from The New Potato.

2. Facehunter

Men Fashion bloggers

Istanbul Fashionista By Yvan Rodic

This fashion blog belongs to Yvan Rodic, a first one to capture the essence of street style and to spread the word through his marvelous pictures. Facehunter is his visual diary, as he claims. Although London-based, Rodic seems to travel a lot with the book he recently published and capture on lenses various street style looks throughout the world. In his latest works we can see the faces of Kuala Lumpur and Istanbul.

I photograph people who combine elegance and creativity. I celebrate individual style from around the world with an emphasis on “unusual” places. Everybody knows about Paris or Milan; to me, posting an inspiring picture from Santiago or Helsinki has much more value.

1. Advanced Style

Men Fashion bloggers
New York Fashionista By Ari Seth Cohen

This fashion blog belongs to Ari Seth Cohen who started out as a freelance photographer and writer. His fashion blog is inspirational because he focuses on those fashionistas that don’t usually get into the sight of most fashion bloggers – older people.

I feature people with great stories and unique personal style, Cary Grant mixed with Anna Piaggi and Quentin Crisp. I focus on men and women over 60, a demographic often ignored by the fashion media. The trick is to stay true to your vision.

He mostly captures them while roaming the streets of New York. Above you can see Alice Carey who paired a men suit with a Hawaiian shirt and accessorized it with a fab jewelry. So what do you think? Are these men in fashion blogging an inspiration to you?

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