5 Wish Looks From Dasha Gold

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 Dasha Gold
Dasha Gold

Dasha Gold is on the agenda again; this time it is about five fashionable outfits that you will fall for. The Australian blogger always manages to come up with gorgeous ensembles and this time was no exception. The greatest thing about her updates is that besides the saucy outfits you can also enjoy the beautiful sights of Australia (Sydney in particular). For those of us who unfortunately can’t afford travelling around the city, such an opportunity is like a divine gift. You get some valuable fashion tips and meantime you enrich your visual knowledge of the magnificent locations. Read on to find out even more!

Dasha Gold & Wish: Stylish Duo

This time Dasha showcased not just regular pieces from her closet. Below is a very solid and consistent line of oufits that all have one feature in common. Have you ever heard of Wish? Not that wish, in a classic understanding, but the one that copes with fashion? Wish is a Sydney-based label that was founded by Annette Cannock together with her life and business partner Todd Cannock.

Annette sees inspiration everywhere, whether she is searching for unique fashion treasures in Sydney markets and Melbourne boutiques or walking the streets of Asia where the rich use of colour and fabric sets her creativity alight. Her mind’s eye is constantly seeing new looks and yet more perfect prints. She sees a confident career girl who loves to look her best in her fashion forward wardrobe. Annette’s ambition with every garment is to design a product that is highly accessible but adds something special to the wearer’s day. Deeply in love with fashion, creating beautiful garments for her loyal following is for this designer truly a Wish come true.

Dasha offers five looks that seem to be absolutely different in terms of styling and character. However, it is impossible to not notice the great design and perfect performance of the outfits. You will definitely fall in love, for example, with a maxi red dress that features an impressive slit and sexy top. The saucy piece is complemented by statement necklace, matching belt, lovely handbag in beige and a pair of silver sandals.

We are excited to collaborate with an Australian fashion label called Wish. This local label is inspired by international travels, season’s most addictive trends, local boutiques, markets and Mediterranean use of colour and fabrics.We also share the labels vision and are constantly on the hunt for international inspirations, trends and adventures. Wouldn’t it be nice to sail far away in search of new horizons, lands and oceans? 

Another image shows the blogger wearing a sleveless mini frock in black and white by Wish. She added a black chain bag by Forever New as well as stylish jewelry pieces, Sachi wedge heels in black and elegant eyeglasses by Proof. The outfit is incredibly laconic and trendy, which is exactly what Dasha usually comes up with.

You will also spot shorts in blue and black, various chiffon shirts and beautiful cardigans, gorgeous sandals and mind-blowing bags, chunky necklaces and headwear pieces. I am pretty sure, you will be overwhelmed by all the outfits, no matter which one it is that you see first. Dasha Gold is always on top of it, sharing the looks, which have to be copied right away. The only thing I am not happy with is that the Australian climate has no room for cold temperatures and snowy evenings, which is exactly why we can’t get any winter inspiration from this awesome blogger. Nonetheless, as long as she keeps updating her blog, I feel very calm and confident about tomorrow. If beauty saves the world, who if not Dasha?

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