Alexandra Of Lovely Pepa Blog Models For Blanco Night 2012

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Alexandra Of Lovely Pepa Blog Models For Blanco Night 2012

Fashion blogger Alexandra, a writer behind Lovely Pepa blog modeled some great party outfits for Blanco. The Night 2012 lookbook featuring Alexandra features LDBs, glitter bags, assymetric shoes, and other great party essentials.

It’s not an uncommon thing nowadays for fashion bloggers to model or design for the brands. Alexandra does a good job showing off some pretty Blanco pieces accessorized with glitter clutches and trendy shoes.

Beside festive sequined dresses Alexandra showed off an outfit consisting of a semi-sheer chain shirt and a pair of short decorated with pearls. There are also a couple of LBDs one of which has the shoulder chain details and the other one comes in a one-shoulder style.

The looks are also accessorized with jewelry. There are a Leaf Chain Necklace, Strass and Chain Bracelets to complete a festive outfit with. Studded and bowed peep toe pumps are also great party shoes.

Alexandra Of Lovely Pepa Blog Models For Blanco Night 2012

The Night Collection is more extensive of course. There are more dresses and accessories to choose from. There are also a lot of peplum-detailed clothes items, a sequined peplum skirt and top, a gold peplum dress as well as a lace peplum jumpsuit. There are lace heels, and platform shoes, jacquard top and blazer, short bow gloves and long leather gloves. All these things can be mixed and matched to create an ultimate evening look for the Christmas party or New Year’s Eve celebration.

The pieces are easily mixed together and accessorized with the collection’s range of jewelry, bags, and footwear. The stand out pieces are, of course, a tweed and lace dress, petal dress, sheer chain shirt, striped clutch and a Strass Necklace in aubergine.

What do you think about Alexandra’s photoshoot and Blanco party wear collection?

Alexandra of Lovely Pepa Models For Blanco

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