Andy Torres: Mexican Blogger From Amsterdam

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Andy Torres
Andy Torres

Dear ladies (and not only), please welcome another fashion blogger who totally deserves our attention. I am sure the headline made you a bit confused. But this is the least interesting thing about Andy Torres. Not that her origin is not of a high significance. Quite the contrary, it is incredible how diverse can one’s background be. What I wanted to say by that comment is that although it’s very engaging how a Mexican girl ended up blogging in Netherlands, there are more facts about Torres that you will be amazed by. For instance, her fashion style is an object of admiration and inspiration. And you will see it yourself just in a couple of minutes.

Awesome Outfits of Andy Torres

Andy Torres was bon and raised in Mexico. She got an awesome opportunity to move to Amsterdam six years ago and this is where her dream story started. Now she is a very successful blogger with lots of fans and readers. She runs the blog called StyleScrapbook and trust me it is really worth being checked out.

She has been very busy throughout these six years being engaged in a variety of activities, besides sharing her awesome looks. Andy hosted television series “Click” that were shown throughout Latin America. Also the beauty designed two collections of camera bag line with Kipling and co-designed an accessory capsule line for out favorite Mango. The Spanish brand fell in love with the Mexican babe so much that it tapped her as an It-girl for Fall/Winter 2011 ads as well as had her host the Mango Spring/Summer 2012 Behind the Scenes show.

Andy also got a number of awards including Bloglovin’ Awards “Best Blogger Business of the year” and’s Best Personal Style Award 2011. Her blog was ranked as one of the four most influental fashion blogs in the world and the beauty herself got into Jackie Magazine’s Top 10 of Best Dressed. Moreover she was featured in a wide range of fashion glosses such as Vogue Nippon,,,, ELLE, Glamour, Nylon, Vogue Girl Korea Grazia, Cosmopolitan, Teen Vogue, Marie Claire, New York Fashion “The Cut” and Fashion TV.

The stunner amazes with this very impressive list of accomplishments. Seems like she works hard to achieve her goal. And whatever it is I am sure she is not simply satisfied with the achievement. Looking back at all she has done so far it becomes pretty clear that this lady won’t just live with what she has. And isn’t that cool? She is a symbol of  the modern woman: full of energy and inspiration, eager to put efforts and learn, always ready to win. I would be very proud to know such a lady in person and I have no doubt that her parents are super proud of such a talented daughter.

Andy’s style is super delicious and stylish. It is mostly smart casual with some glimpses of sporty side. I like the way she combines clothing pieces from different styles and comes up with adorable looks. She definitely has a sense of the current fashion, but what is more surprising about the blogger is her ability to foresee the trends. The stunner doesn’t need any fashion tips or the glossy editions: Torres herself is a source of great style and taste. Her outfits will definitely help you create you own ones, as she uses very simple pieces. It is all about the way you wear them and the accessories you add.

Take a look at the photos that show off the magnificent ensembles by Andy Torres and get your portion of positive emotions!

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