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Annabelle Fleur

How many of you have heard of  Annabelle Fleur? I bet, not many. Too bad, because this young lady has such a gorgeous style that you will fall in love with it the moment you see it. There aren’t so many fashionable people who truly represent the model we can go for. However, Annabelle seems to be the idol we’ve been missing for so long. Not only extremely beautiful, but also intelligent, this European beauty knows how to charm our minds. Read on to find out more deatils of her story as well as check out the fabulous photos of her saucy looks.

Annabelle Fleur & VIVALUXURY

Annabelle was born in Latvia, but at the age of 14 moved to California. This is where, according to her own words, she got stick to this layering trend, for “when it’s 13 degrees fahrenheit outside, you really can’t put enough on”. Soon, however, the girl has to leave the cold lands for sunny and warm California, where she added a “care-free, easy going touch” to her style. Looking at her photos, one might think that she is model. Whereas she is not. In fact, she has dreamed of being engaged into the fashion world, but in a slightly different amplua:

My dream ever since I was little, was and still is to be a designer. A few years ago, I was fortunate enough to work and collaborate with a wonderful shoe designer. Seeing my ideas come to life made my dream even more real and I think solidified my decision to pursue fashion design.

Looks like, Annabelle is a very gifted person. Her outfits by no means demonstrate incredible talent as well as understanding of the current fashion tendencies. If she knew nothing about fashion, how on earth could she come up with such adorable ensembles? By the way, her favorite designers include Chloé, Chanel, Etro, Alexander Wang, 3.1 Phillip Lim and Erdem.

I think the main reason I started a fashion blog was so that I can connect with people who are as passionate about fashion as I am and of course to express myself creatively. So, naturally my outmost goal is to reach more readers, to continue to grow, both personally and professionally and of course to always have fun. After all, if it’s not enjoyable, it’s not worth doing.

Her fashion blog VIVALUXURY speaks for itself. It is about luxury, impeccable style and tons of inspiration one can get. When Annabelle just started, the blog was being ran in a different way. But as time passed, she apparently got a cosy feeling and was comfortable with sharing more stories and secrets. She happened to realize that “lifestyle content is a great way to let my readers get to know me better on a more personal level and perhaps to introduce them to some of my interests outside of fashion.”

I never felt complete until I started my fashion blog. Once I did, I realized that fashion is what I love and working in fashion industry is the only thing that makes me happy and fulfilled. So, without a doubt when I look into the future, I know I would like to continue to work in the fashion industry and also to realize my dream of designing shoe and jewelry collections.

This was just a little part of thoughts by  Annabelle Fleur. I fell in love with this beautiful and charming lady, whose great dedication, sense of style and deep love for life make every single look of hers even more engaging and fascinating. Check out the gallery for more looks of the Latvian beauty.

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