Anne-Catherine Frey and Her Gorgeous Style

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Anne Catherine Frey
Anne-Catherine Frey
She is only 22 and already works for the French brand The Kooples. She claims to be calm and homey, yet there are plenty of photographers who would kill for a snap of her. This gracile young lady fascinates everyone with her own, inimitable style. You can hardly find another girl who would wear the clothes she chooses better or even close to the way she does it. Her short hair makes it hard to not recognize her. You know who I am talking about, don’t you? It is Anne Catherine Frey herself and her mesmerizing style!

Stunning Style of Anne-Catherine Frey

Anne-Catherine Frey was born in Luxembourg to creative parents (her father is an architect). When she describes her childhood, she often mentions her shyness.

I was always a quiet, shy child. I remember drawing for hours; I preferred being alone than being surrounded by many people.

As a teenager, Anne put all her efforts into studying, rather than spent hours at some bars or cafes. She loved to draw, and still does. This is what might have helped her to get a job at The Kooples, although she is not ready to reveal this mystery yet.

It’s a secret between me and my boss! But I’d say that wearing a lot of Kooples for public appearances caught certain people’s eyes.

Anne Catherine Frey
Anne-Catherine Frey

Whatever she is trying to hide from us, I am sure it is her talent and a perfect sense of beauty that affected her boss’s decision. Before working for the French brand, this pretty brunette studied fashion design at ESMOD in Paris. Very soon she started A Truly Intriguing Subject blog, which happened to be a great success.

Now Anne-Catherine Frey is famous and notable in the fashion industry. Her blog is followed by millions of people and her unique style has been served as an inspiration for a lot of fashionistas. Her outfits are full of creativity, boldness, and charm that all together are so hard to resist. No matter what she wears, from a bright fuchsia dress paired with red tights to an all-floral outfit with a knitted sweater over, it looks gorgeous.

I wonder how she comes up with such elaborate looks. Although she says it does not take her forever to decide what to wear, seems like every single outfit of hers is a result of a long search and hard work. I admire the way Anne dresses – she is not afraid to be the first one on the fashion path. Who said you couldn’t combine a burgundy sheer blouse with a burgundy polka-dotted skirt and tie a shirt of the same color around your hips? Or wear a colorful printed mini skirt and a bright orange jacket together? You can do whatever you want! The world is your oyster after all!

I am very curious about how many of you got really impressed and inspired by Anne-Catherine Frey’s amazing style. I do not encourage you to try her looks on or follow her path. My only intention was to show you that different is not necessarily bad. She has an alternative view of fashion and this is exactly why we love her so much!

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