Anne-Catherine Frey VS Dasha Gold: Best Look

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Anne-Catherine Frey

One thing I love about following fashion bloggers is a chance to get some fresh ideas that I can use in practice. It can take me forever to click on numerous photos of stylish people who are eager to share their fashion taste with everyone. And I am incredibly thankful for such a great opprotunity, for there are not so many sources of inspiration. When I ran into Anne-Catherine Frey’s latest look that she released via her own blog, I thought: “Wow, there is definitely something captivating in that simple yet saucy outfit”. But the moment I spotted Dasha Gold and her new Sports Luxe outfit, I was stunned. How in the world do they manage to come up with such stylish and effortlessly gorgeous ensembles? Unable to pick the one I like the best, I decided to share both of them with you. Let’s see what your verdict is going to be.

Fashion Battle: Anne-Catherine Frey and Dasha Gold

Anne-Catherine Frey opted for casual style. As she wrote in her blog, she was “thinking about simple outfits for summer”. The last thing she was actually searching for was a white T-shirt and a pair of gray jeans, and look what we got here?

I digged a bit through my wayyy too small closet and found these lovely pieces, and hey: it’s a white t-shirt and grey denim but yet it looks so much more refreshing and less “I’m at work but actually I’m already on the beach in my mind”. Tried it out and got it confirmed, I love the simplicity of the outfit and the play with textures and prints, I honestly never thought I’d wear jeans with printed stars on them ever again.

What I like the most about her look is this absolutely incredible pair of shoes. Both the color and the design add some edginess to the outfit.

Dasha Gold

Dasha Gold found inspiration for her new look in the skateboarding culture.

I love the ‘free thinking’ mentality, independence and drive to progress that goes hand in hand with this sport…I see ‘sport luxe’ styling as a reflection of this lifestyle, it is all about comfort and freedom of expression, it is unisex, casual and cool.

The Australian blogger rocks black leather pants, black and white T-shirt with a TOMBOY slogan and a white vest, all by Imonni. Peep Toe sandals along with Little Lost Land sunglasses, Sportsgirl metallic bracelets and Silk Stone Wood earrings complete her monochrome outfit. I love the way she did her hair – it reflects exactly what she said about “freedom of expression”.

Do you like Anne-Catherine Frey’s casual look or Dasha Gold’s sporty outfit?

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