Beatriz the Blogger: Madrid Fashion

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Beatriz the Blogger
Beatriz the Blogger

Blogging is something I would like to do as well. For one thing, it provides a great opportunity to share your thoughts and express your attitudes on certain topics. Also, it gives you a feeling that you somehow contribute to this world and will stay in record for a while. Beatriz is another Spanish blogger who deserves our attention. As many of her colleagues, she has a story to tell, as well as gorgeous outfits to share. I, personally, liked her looks, but to such a great extent. If you compare her style to that of other bloggers, she would lose a point or two. I don’t quite get what is missing here. However, overall the impression is very good. Read on to see Beatriz’s looks and pass your own verdict on her fashion taste.

Greetings from Madrid: Beatriz

Beatriz lives in Madrid, Spain. She works on her own blog which is called Necklace of Pearls. If I heard this name from someone, I would consider it to be a jewelry department or a title of a book. So, at least we can track down the presence of creative approach here.

For years I was looking to some different fashion blogs when I decided to create my own one, for showing my different points of view about fashion and my outfits. Every person has his own style and his own way for showing it. I wanted mine to be seen!

Beatriz claims to be a perfectionist who feels good when communicates with people. Her fashion icon is Olivia Palermo, which is not surprising at all. Her style is very elegant and exuisite, yet at times she can become quite “naughty” and show up in some unusual outfits.

I would really want to get known in a while since I can help other girls with my outfits. I have had the opportunity to meet really important people, who maybe you wouldn´t imagine they could be so nice through social network.

The beauty admits that she always carries her make-up kit, the purse, sunglasses, her 2013 appointment book, the iPhone and Olympus camera in her bag. A very standard set of items to be rocked in a handbag. What she doesn’t like is the popular now trends of mustache on the T-shirts.

Beatriz, besides posting wondrous look, goes even further and gives some suggestions on the way you need to dress up on the first date. “White shirt, black blazer, skinny jeans, black pump shoes and a clutch bag” are believed to save the world no matter what.

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