Blair Eadie: Fashion Blogger & Merchandiser

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Blair Eadie
Blair Eadie

Blair Eadie is another awesome blogger you ought to know. The blonde stunner is so gorgeous that I fell in love with all of her outfits right away. And I am sure it’s not only me. A lot of fans around the world check carefully for any updates from the fashionable lady. No wonder, she has a very unique sense of fashion that can be tracked down from one outfit to another. Besides, she presents quite an engaging pesonality, since Blair is not just a pretty lady obsessed with stylish clothing pieces. This fashion blogger will charm you with both her inside and outside. Scroll down to learn more about Blair and fall in love with her just like I did.

Stylish Closet of Blair Eadie

Blair Eadie is originally from otside of Washington DC, but right now she lives in  San Francisco. As she mentioned in one of her interviews, she is not married, but has a boyfriend. Why would one think that she doesn’t? Such a beautiful young lady ought to have one! By the way, her boyfriend Andrew takes all the fabulous pictures that she uploads on her blog.

 I think the biggest influences on my style are other bloggers.  It is so much more inspiring to see other people who are real and on a budget and who have other jobs (outside of blogging) share their fashion point of view with the world.  I think how accessible their fashion tends to be is refreshing. My fashion is moody and changes from time to time.  For me personally it is hard to explain, but I always try to infuse a touch of sophistication in every outfit wear.

Blair loves vintage a lot, just like all other ladies, but in her case it is mostly about the “latest trend.” She is a big fan of Olivia Palermo, Joanna Hillman, and Diane Kruger.  Among her favorite fashion brands are: ADAM, Missoni, DVF, YSL, TibiZara, Topshop, H&M, Club Monanco, and Jcrew. She shared on the most beloved piece from her collection – it is Chanel purse. I am not surprised at all with this choice: who on earth wouldn’t love Chanel?

‘Be who you are and say what you feel because those who matter don’t mind and those who matter don’t mind’ – Dr.Suess. Although it may not seem like a fashion quote, being fashionable is about expressing who you are.

Blair shares looks in various styles and color palettes, but her favorite shades are kelly green, sage green, black, and navy. If you are interested in how exactly she got engaged into the blogging world, here is Blair’s version. She loved browsing other blogs so much, that one day her boyfriend suggested her to start her own one. And here she is running her baby, which is called Atlantic-Pacific, and delighting all the ladies with adorable outfits. She has always worked in fashion and had this great love for it.

I love being a merchant!  I hope to continue down the path I am on and expand my scope through other product categories and brand experience. I work in a casual environment and dress up slightly more than others- so typically it is joke about how ‘glammed up’ I get for the office!

Blair Eadie seems to be a very talented lady. Besides, she also creates an impression of a very happy person. And why wouldn’t she be happy, right? She has a nice job that she loves, caring boyfriend and tons of clothing pieces to fool around with. Is there anything else that can make us more excited and satisfied?

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