Blogomania: Taylor Sterling & Her Awesome Style

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Taylor Sterling
Taylor Sterling

Here is another fashion blogger for you to get acquainted with. Trust me, she is worth spending time on, as this young lady has a very interesting fashion direction. You will be very surprised to know what she loves to wear and what she dislikes. Well, there is no reason to postpone this glorious moment. Taylor Sterling is the one we have been craving for so long. This beautiful blogger creates an impression of the next-door-girl, which fits absolutely perfect. For one reason, her outfits don’t look as if they were designed by the maestros of fashion. Also, Taylor manages to comnine the pieces in a very unique way. Scroll down to see more infomation about the blonde fashionista.

Taylor Sterling: Glitter Guide &  Sterling Style

Taylor Sterling founded Glitter Guide and since that time has been acting as a creative director of the blog. She also runs the fashion/lifestyle blog Sterling Style, where one will find incredible things which might be quite useful. This is how she comments on both of her professional engagements:

I was enjoying Sterling Style and realized that I wanted to quit my job and start blogging full time. However, I never felt like Sterling Style could support me full time. I also felt like Sterling Style had an expiration date. I don’t think I will snap photos of my daily life when I’m in my 40s. So, I started brainstorming about what I could do for the rest of my life. I realized what I love to do is share inspiring things and scour the world for beauty. That was the beginning of my path to creating Glitter Guide. Still, I was afraid to quit my job. I agonized over it for months. Then I got laid off. I was shocked and scared until I realized that this was my opportunity to go for my dream!

Taylor is originally from California which might explain her affection for the bright colors. I like her style very much. The greatest thing about the looks that she offers is that all of them seem to be very affordable. There is no chic or glam, that we all love to check out from time to time. But what makes Taylor’s ensembles so special lies in a different dimension.

I was surprised at how much support I got right off the bat. My readers from Sterling Style really are the reason Glitter Guide had a successful launch. My biggest challenge has been organization. I’m not a systems person, and I tend to work in a very unorganized way that would probably drive most people insane.

Taylor represents mostly casual style, with plenty of jeans, shirts, boots and wedges. You won’t spot that much of the evening gowns or even cocktail dresses in her collection. Probably, the fact that she combines two jobs at the same time, somehow affected her fashion style.

The most important thing is to stay true to yourself and your brand. It’s so easy to feel defeated by competitors and feel like you need to be more like them. Instead stay authentic and follow your heart. Good things always come from that.

Taylor Sterling has a gorgeous style that will speak to many of you. If you are a loyal fan of feminine silhouettes and cute dresses, then this post is not likely to attract you. But if you, as a citizen of megapolis, prefer more casual outfits, this is your jackpot!

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