Celebrity Street Style: Miranda Kerr, Emma Watson & More

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Miranda Kerr
We all love to check out the photoshoots from various events that take place in the world of the rich and famous. What else if not different award ceremonies, movie premieres and just fashionable parties can heal our wounded souls? This is where we get our inspiration, after all. So, no surprise that ladies exclaim in excitement and delight whenever they spot a new update on the stars’ style. However, it is not only about high fashion. The daily looks also speak to us a lot, as these are the actual tools of being beautiful and stylish. Take a look at the best looks we have chosen so far.

Street Style of Rich & Famous

Have you ever thought about how much hime the stars spend before shopping or attending the gym. It is pretty obvious, that prior to the fabulous event a number of stylists work hard on the looks. But what happens when it is just a regular walk outside?

Eva Mendes
Eva Mendes wandering around in Manhattan looked totally great. Although her outfit didn’t feature any ball gowns of precious jewelry pieces, the American actress managed to look icnredibly elegant and enchanting.

Rihanna is just being herself. She legt the Nobu restaraunt in New York in quite an engaging outfit. I would call it grunge or punk rock. Or both. A leather jacket paired with the leather pants in a baggy style looks very interesting. Plus, there are a number of jewelry pieces as well as the bag and shoes donned by the songstress that make the look so wonderful. I would no doubt try it on.

Olivia Palermo
Olivia Palermo is already preparing for the cold winter days, as she walks around in Brooklyn. The adorable fur vest in beige looks mind-blowing. Especially, when it is paired with a pair of leather leggins in black and a matching shirt. The finishing touch of the ensemble includes a pair of miltary boots, multicolored scarf, red handbag and sunglasses with a leopard print.

Miranda Kerr looks super hot on her way to Heathrow airport. Incredibly seductive shorts in bleached denim cause a very predictable reaction of the male humanity. Whereas the ladies would definitely go crazy over this particular outfit. The shorts perfectly match the white shirt, balck belt and the lovely coat. Also, the tanned tights, dark ankle booties and a handbag in dark green contribute to the style of the ensemble.

Emma Watson
Emma Watson went for simplicity and wasn’t wrong at all. LAX Airport doesn’t require any outstanding clothing pieces that would make one fall in love with you. You simply need to dress up like Emma and you won’t have any issues. A cream sweater with a very delicate pattern, charcoal leggins, rust leather coat and dark brown boots: this will create a look worth to be spending time on.

Anne Vyalitsyna
Anne Vyalitsyna, the Russian model, has it in her professional area. That’s why she tends to come up with such glorious looks. Take this one as example. New York’s West Village welcomed the beauty and seems like she enjoyed her all black outfit, except for the lust red handbag. A maxi skirt paired with a shirt and a fur coat would probably look not that engaging without this bright accessory in her hands.

These were the most prominent celebrities that delight the fans from time to time. Keep checking the updates and look out for more inspiration!

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