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Alexa Chung
Alexa Chung

Alexa Chung, the well-known socialite and It-girl, poses for the online fashion retailer The goal of the photo shoot is to acknowledge fashionable women and have them reveal some of their secrets. The monthly series of interview and photo sets has started with charming Alexa and her impeccable style.

Alexa Chung Poses for

The beauty was photographed by Jason Kim and posed against a very moderate studio background. The British fashionista sported gorgeous outfits by Valentino, Acne Studios, and Saunt Laurent. Credits for make-up and hair go to Tamah K and Diego de la Silva respectively. This is how Alexa describes her personal style:

If I need to feel strong I wear more masculine pieces. If I’m feeling more feminine, I’ll throw on a dress. It really is that simple.

When asked about her favorite outfit at the shoot, she was pretty positive about her choice and without any hesitation exclaimed: “The Valentino dress!”.  No wonder, this elegant frock in maya blue with a brownish-purple neckline and sheer panels on the sleeves and décolleté is incredibly beautiful. Although my favorite look is different from hers.

The navy blue coat paired with black leather mini dress, both by Saunt Laurent, is what I immediately fell for. Alexa looks very trendy on this picture. There is some mystery in her eyes as well as steel-like stubbornness. It is the only photo where the setting is not a plain studio. She is leaning against the border of some roof letting us recognize scenes of a busy mega polis.

One thing I loved about the interview is Alexa’s statement:

I don’t let other people’s opinions dictate the way I dress. I really don’t care what other people think.

I totally agree with her point of view and I think this is exactly what makes her an icon in the fashion world. She follows her own taste, not bothering with standards and stereotypes. She knows for sure what fits her and what doesn’t. This beautiful young lady has an incredible ability to mix styles, colors and textures, and create outstanding outfits that are used as inspiration by millions of fashionistas around the world.

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